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DICT’s Emmy Lou Delfin: First step to blockchain adoption is embracing the technology

Blockchain technology is slowly gaining ground in the Philippines, gradually turning the wheels of innovation into motion, but Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin said there are still several things to be done before blockchain gains broader recognition in the country.

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Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage‘s Claire Celdran on the sidelines of the Philippine Blockchain Week press conference, Delfin said the DICT has formulated various initiatives to boost blockchain adoption in enterprises nationwide, with the national government even running campaigns to support the goal.

“One of the mandates of DICT is to ensure the growth and development of the ICT industry, including, of course, emerging technology and blockchain,” Delfin said, adding that the schemes laid out would also open new job opportunities to Filipinos.

One of the major programs developed is the Stimulating the growth of Emerging Technology in the Philippines (SET PH), which Delfin said is where most blockchain initiatives are being implemented.

Delfin, director of the ICT Industry Development Bureau under the DICT, said the state agency is currently focusing its efforts on getting the word out to the public about these initiatives.

“We’ve been doing a lot of advocacy in terms of informing the public, the Filipinos, about the opportunities in blockchain, both online and face-to-face, bringing those opportunities to the countryside,” noted Delfin.

However, she was quick to point out that running campaigns won’t suffice in bringing blockchain tech to the people.

Delfin said enterprises are quick to adapt to the development of technology, including incorporating blockchain tech into their services, but stressed that the national government has some catching up to do.

“I think they (government) have to embrace first and really understand what are the opportunities in blockchain for them to be able to do different services to the public using blockchain technology,” the director said.

Industry experts have repeatedly said that utilizing blockchain tech would be extremely beneficial to enterprises and the government, including streamlining services, which President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. earlier pledged to be part of the country’s digital transformation.

In support of this mandate, Delfin said the DICT has launched the eGov PH super app, where government services are consolidated in one application.

As of September 4, the app has over 500,000 downloads.

Delfin hopes that more government services will be consolidated in the app in the coming years, giving Filipinos greater access to these services.

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