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CSDN, BSV Academy launch the Preliminary Qualification for Blockchain Engineers certificate

The Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) and Keyi Tech have launched the Certificate for Preliminary Qualification of Blockchain Engineers. The certificate will be awarded to those that take the Introduction to Bitcoin Theory course and pass the subsequent exams.

Introduction to Bitcoin Theory made its debut in June as the first regular course in the BSV Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme. The program is a joint initiative between CSDN, a Chinese developer community with over 31 million registered members, and Keyi Tech, a corporate consulting services company.

The course is free and open to the public, requiring just under ten hours of dedicated online learning to complete. Once a student completes the course, they get to take an exam, and if they pass, they receive the certificate from the CSDN Capabilities Certification Centre in collaboration with the BSV Academy.

Today, the blockchain industry faces a shortage of trained professionals as the demand for the technology continues to rise globally. Despite reports showing that blockchain jobs shot up sixfold in 2021, data shows that skilled blockchain developers haven’t matched the growth. Several global companies still face a talent shortage, with many having to become aggressive with their recruitment, such as poaching from rivals or offering very high salaries.

The BSV Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme was created to address this challenge. It blends a combination of study, training, and certification modules that seek to churn out blockchain professionals to meet the demand.

Taku Chen, COO of Keyi Tech and Operation Manager of BSV Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme, told CoinGeek: “Blockchain realm is now facing a serious talent shortage. To specifically address this pain point, we launched this programme with our strategic partner CSDN. This programme is dedicated to defining new criteria for blockchain professionals and broadening the pool of talent in China. We are planning to introduce new modules such as scholarship or MOOC in the near future to improve the talent development path.”

The programme features a free Online Study Platform comprising six preliminary and nine regular courses. They cover the basics, such as blockchain and Bitcoin theory, and stretch all the way to practical development skills. Once the students complete their studies, they get to sit for a final exam to attain the certificate, which goes a long way in furthering their careers. Each certificate is verifiable on the CSDN website and comes with its own unique and exclusive ID number.

“We’ve launched two blockchain courses and a certification option thanks to CSDN’s year-long work and the joint efforts by the two parties,” Lise Li, the CEO of Keyi Tech, commented.

“BSV Hub China’s collaboration with CSDN is a significant step in our work to continually boost open-source technology. I fully expect to see more people expanding their horizons and embracing new career opportunities through our educational platform and certification programme,” Li, who is also the head of BSV Hub China, added.

Get started with Introduction to Bitcoin Theory now.

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