CSDN and BSV Jointly Launch the Preliminary Qualification for Blockchain Engineers

The ‘Introduction to Bitcoin Theory‘ course debuted on 6 June 2022, and it was the first regular course in the BSV Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme, a joint initiative from Keyi Tech and CSDN. This free course is open to the public and requires approximately nine hours of online learning time to complete. Students who study this course and pass all required tests can apply online to take the final exam. Those who successfully pass the final exam will be awarded a ‘Certificate for Preliminary Qualification of Blockchain Engineers’ from the CSDN Capabilities Certification Centre in collaboration with the BSV Academy.

The BSV Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme is a comprehensive project for educating and fostering blockchain specialists, and features a combination of study, training, qualification and certification modules. Created to specifically address the pain points in today’s blockchain realm, namely ‘a lack of high-quality educational resources and a shortage of qualified talents’, this programme is dedicated to defining new criteria for blockchain professionals, as well as fostering the development of the blockchain industry and its related talent pool.

The Online Study Platform provided by the programme is open to the public at no cost and consists of 6 preliminary courses and 9 regular courses, all full of self-contained and highly academic material that covers a full spectrum of topics, ranging from the basics of blockchain theory to practical skills for blockchain development. The courses are therefore suitable for learners with different backgrounds and requirements.

The training, qualification and certification modules all help cultivate blockchain talents. After students have completed their studies, they can have their achievements further accredited by sitting the standard final exam in order to obtain the corresponding certificate and ultimately further their career development.

The BSV Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme falls under the CSDN Qualification System for Software Engineers. Each qualification certificate bears a serial number and exclusive Developer ID Number, both of which can be verified on the official certification website.


Regarding the recently-launched certification module, Lise Li, CEO of Keyi Tech and Head of BSV Hub China, said:

 ‘We’ve launched two blockchain courses and a certification option thanks to CSDN’s year-long work and the joint efforts by the two parties. In the future, we will present more educational resources, as well as organise our own offline training and brain-storming session initiatives. BSV Hub China’s collaboration with CSDN is a significant step in our work to continually boost open-source technology. I fully expect to see more people expanding their horizons and embracing new career opportunities through our educational platform and certification programme.’

Chen Yulong, current CTO of CSDN (Changsha), echoed this sentiment, saying:

 ‘Users have been eagerly anticipating this Programme launched officially by the CSDN Capabilities Certification Centre, as it is the very first examination qualification serving the blockchain technology realm. In addition, it also offers premium learning resources which pave the way for developers from other sectors to learn blockchain development techniques, saving them the trouble of searching for hours online. Leveraging a package of specialisation courses together with a professional system of examination-based certification, our qualification programme aims to bring many high-calibre professionals to China’s blockchain industry.’

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