'Crypto' thriller goes to Hollywood

‘Crypto’ thriller goes to Hollywood

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There are movies that come out every day that cover different subjects in different genres, but it finally appears as though a cryptocurrency thriller will be hitting theaters shortly. The movie, dubbed “Crypto,” has been discussed among the cryptocurrency community for some time now, and its trailer has finally hit Youtube.

The trailer does not reveal the whole plot, although it is clear that the film involves the Russian mafia and cryptocurrency, and an anti-money laundering expert. For those wondering about the actors, the film does have two high-profile actors in Kurt Russell, who is probably most known for his performances in “Escape from New York” (1981), “Tombstone” (1993) and “Death Proof” (2007), and Beau Knapp, a 29-year-old rising star featured in movies such as “Run All Night” and “Southpaw,” both released in 2015.

The plot involves Knapp as an anti-money laundering agent who returns to his upstate New York farm where both his father and brother run a farm. He ends up somehow involved entangled with the Russian mob, who is apparently laundering massive amounts of money through the cryptocurrency markets. The movie trailer makes reference to a “Delta Coin,” which doesn’t actually exist, in the trailer. This will be the first Hollywood movie to prominently feature cryptocurrency, and the title is clearly not shying away from this fact, as it is literally titled Crypto. The movie is being compared to both “The Firm” and “The Girl with the Dragon’s Tattoo” by various media outlets.

For those wondering about those who are behind the scenes of the film; the director is John Stalberg Jr. This is Stalberg Jr.’s second film after his debut “High School,” a 2010 stoner black comedy film starring Adrien Brody that was critically acclaimed at Sundance Film Festival, but a box office bomb in terms of commercial success.

The film does feature newer faces, for younger audiences who might not be aware of Russell’s legacy, which has spanned various decades. The actress Alexis Bledel is in the movie, who might be more known as Emily from “Handmaid’s Tale,” arguably the most critically acclaimed TV show on Hulu. Luke Hemsworth is featured in the film, as well.

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