Crypto market daily report – June 11, 2019

Crypto market daily report – March 14, 2019

The cryptocurrency markets were mixed in fortunes on Thursday with some coins shooting upwards and others remaining at relatively the same levels or showing slight declines. Bitcoin Core (BTC) was moving around the $3,860-$3,890 mark on rather low turnover, although it appeared to be well supported at that level.

The second largest currency by market cap, Ethereum (ETH) continued its slow but steady decline and was trading at around the $131 mark on Thursday at press time. Although there seems to be considerable interest in the myEtherwallet project, this has not seemed to have had much positive effect on the cryptocurrency, which continues to decline from a yearly high of $160 or almost 20%.

Ripple (XRP) remained stuck at the $0.31 level and in even here, it appears that this much hyped cryptocurrency has found its value with all those who had invested when it was valued at $3 leaving themselves to stare at their huge losses. Talk of the cryptocurrency being adopted by banks is a mere pipe dream and it appears that there will not be much movement either way in the short to medium term.

Coins with larger market caps were mixed: EOS down 1%, Litecoin (LTC) down by 1.5% and Stellar Lumens (XLM) up by 6%–almost touching the $0.11 level. Bitcoin SV (BSV) remained pretty stable at the $65 mark, whilst ICX, ADA and NEO all saw slight declines ranging from 0.5% to 2.5% overall. Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) was up 2% and once again appeared to be approaching the $130 mark, whilst FET and ONT were up by 11 and 3% respectively.

Smaller market cap coins had slightly mixed fortunes with one considerable outlier that was ONG. This little-known coin jumped by almost 25% to the $0.67 and was actually higher in turnover than LTC on Binance. Binance Coin (BNB) began giving up some of its massive gains over the past weeks and was down by 3% to the $14.80 level, whilst ETC and IOTA remained relatively stable at $4.20 and $.287 respectively.

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