Crypto market daily report – November 16, 2018

Crypto market daily report – September 4, 2018

The cryptocurrency markets remained relatively static on Tuesday morning at press time as most of the top coins remained where they were as far as price was concerned. BTC seemed to stabilize at the $7,250-$7,300 level after having traded in that range for almost 24 hours, although there were also moments when it exceeded the $7,300 mark.

Bitcoin Cash was also relatively stable trading between the $620 and $640 mark—it practically remained in the same price levels all day with only minor movements up or down. Ripple was also staid and traded in an extremely tight range of between $0.33 and $0.34 with practically no movement either way. Ethereum had a disappointing day, appearing stuck between the $280 and $290 level with practically no movement at all.

Currencies with large market caps in the Top 10 were also pretty slow on movement. EOS was practically stable at the $6.50 level, whilst Litecoin showed positive movement in an exception to the rule rising by 3% to the $67 level. NEO was also a positive performer and rose by no less than 6% to touch the $23 level—a considerable rise after having been mired in sub $20 territory for several weeks. Stellar remained stuck at $0.22—this currency has seen extremely little movement over the past month, whilst Ethereum Classic lost some of the gains it made on Monday to settle at just below the $14 level. Cardano was also disappointing although it was in positive territory at the $0.105 level—a negligible 1% increase.

Smaller market cap currencies had a mixed performance overall. VET was up by an impressive 10% to the $0.019 level, whilst ICX was up by a more modest 3% to the $0.93 mark. IOTA remained stuck at the $0.70 level with no movement, whilst ONT experienced a similar 3% increase to the $2.45 mark. Dash experienced a 3% decline to the $211 level, although there seems to be support at that price range.

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