Dr. Craig Wright after CoinGeek Seoul “Go ahead and just build.”

Craig Wright after CoinGeek Seoul: ‘Go ahead and just build’

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CoinGeek Seoul recently wrapped up, and it featured some of the most important Bitcoin SV (BSV) personalities and companies in the world. But perhaps the biggest personality in attendance was Dr. Craig Wright, and he joined Stephanie Tower at the conclusion of the event to sum up his feelings about the two day event.

“It’s actually been a wonderful conference, lots of people actually building new things,” Wright told Tower, when asked how he felt about this most recent BSV event. “It’s great to see all the work that’s been done.”

Tower followed up on that Wright’s message would be to the developers who were considering working on the BSV blockchain. “Don’t ask permission, just do it,” he responded. “You’re going to have a scaled platform, one that’s not going to change, one that will allow you to do anything that you can imagine that is legal, that enables you to build a company, so do it. If you can find something, if you can get investment, if you can build, don’t ask my permission, go ahead and just build.”

Wright is especially hopeful when looking to the future, giving Tower his outlook on what 2020 will be like for Bitcoin “There won’t be a scale limit anymore,” he noted. “We will basically be getting rid of the default cap all together, and at that point, there’s no more limits on Bitcoin.”

When asked if he was scared of the possibilities coming in the future of Bitcoin, Wright noted that he wasn’t, as the worst is already behind him. “The hard part, well, that’s actually the last 10 years of getting to a point where we have Bitcoin, and we can now take it and scale it to the world.”

Now that Bitcoin is ready to follow its original vision, Wright helped paint a picture of what is becoming possible. “Imagine a world where corruption is disincentivized,” he told Tower. “Where people are no longer paid under the table to take money, to have corrupt governments, where everything like that, all crime can be reported, where fraud, the evidence is there forever. Where computer hackers are traceable. It’s a different world, and one I’d love to be in.”

YouTube video

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