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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Paul De Buck talks about revolutionary digital wallet ‘myBanka’

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French Infrastructure System Engineer and Software Developer Paul De Buck catches up with Kurt Wuckert Jr. on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream. The two, who recently met at the B2029 co-working space in Germany, discussed Paul’s BSV-based digital wallet soon to launch in the market.

Before diving into blockchain development in 2017, Paul always had a passion for website development. Before learning about BSV, Paul created an ERC20 on the Ethereum network, a token that is yet to go live. He hopes that with Transpiler, the new tool that converts Ethereum smart contract to sCrypt, he will be able to convert ERC 20 from Ethereum’s solidity contract into BSV.

As Paul tells Kurt, the start of his journey in the Bitcoin space didn’t go smoothly as planned. “I went into a rabbit hole like probably most of us did, and I got lost.” It was after he learned about SegWit, a change in the transaction format of Bitcoin, that he decided to build on BSV.

“Either I have become crazy, or the whole planet has become crazy, I don’t know which one it is,” he jokes.

Paul’s company Buck Technologies is set to go live with the launch of their first product called myBanka, a revolutionary digital wallet that will bridge the gap between today’s world and tomorrow’s world.

“I’m trying to build a bridge that would allow people to go easily back and forth between current fiat system and Bitcoin,” Paul reveals.

As Paul explains, the new application takes advantage of the open banking regulation that allows third-party developers to connect with European bank accounts. Any individual with the app can add their European bank accounts in the same interface as their bitcoins.

“For somebody who is not knowledgeable in blockchain, he doesn’t have to because he knows how his account works, and his Bitcoin wallet will work in the same interface and in the same way, so pretty simple,” he says.

Paul is keen to highlight the additional features found in myBanca that will get it ahead of its competition. He mentions features like automatic transaction categorization and social saving pods, a type of crowdfunding where a group of individuals can build pots they can use for projects.

Paul’s vision for myBanka is unique from any other digital wallet in the market today. Unlike HandCash, myBanka will allow every individual’s device, whether a phone, a laptop, a desktop, a car, or even a refrigerator, to have its own wallet, thus making owning digital assets more secure.

“Craig talks a lot about this IOT devices, right? We will want each device having their own wallets. So like you distribute the security… if your bike’s wallet gets hacked, well, you only lose five bucks, but the rest is still secure,” he states.

A stand-out feature of myBanka is its ability to do peer-to-peer trading. As Paul points out, they have been working hard on implementing SPV and are utilizing BSV based LiteClient framework to make it happen.

“My digital wallet will allow you as an interface, simple pretty buttons and nice functionality, added value, etc. but to manage your own accounts in terms of European bank accounts thanks to open banking, plus your own bitcoin wallet as well because the keys are stored on your device.”

Paul also plans to add an NFT feature to myBanca that will allow users to store their NFTs in their wallets and trade them securely.

“So the point is that you will be able to trade euros with bitcoins or bitcoins with NFTs…on a peer-to-peer fashion,” Paul explains.

In addition, Paul says several banks are already supporting his application. For those interested to download myBanka, go to the Progressive Web App website to install it on your device.

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