Calling them what they are: SegWitCoin BTC and Dark Coins

The terminology of the Bitcoin industry matters a lot. It’s essential that every term accurately describe the thing it’s attached to so that we can understand each other perfectly well, while allowing new adopters to gain a fast understanding of the terminology and concepts involved.

As such, the CoinGeek editorial team has made the decision to standardize the terminology surrounding the digital asset known as Bitcoin Core (BTC) by the technology that most accurately describes it now: SegWitCoin BTC.

Furthermore, CoinGeek has also decided to change how it refers to the digital assets that are popularly known as alt-coins. These assets value anonymity and distance from government intervention, and as such, they are dark coins.

These terms more accurately describe the assets they refer to, and we believe they are the more apt terminology for them. BTC has abandoned the original vision of Bitcoin for their path of Segregated Witness and side chains, so SegWitCoin BTC is a much better term for what it has become than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the only asset to follow the path of Bitcoin, and the only one that should be worthy of being called Bitcoin. It maintains the original protocol as described by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, and thus it’s the only currency that merits the Bitcoin name.

Dark coins, on the other hand, aren’t just alternatives to Bitcoin. They relish the properties that make them operate outside of the law. As Dr. Craig Wright has recently noted, the men who push these coins, knowingly or not, are advocating for criminality, as the only people who prefer anonymity over accountability are desperate criminals, or soon to be ones.

BSV, with its stable protocol, regulatory friendly approach, and massive blockchain scaling, is the only option for global adoption, enterprise use cases, and the evolution of the internet. It’s the only Bitcoin because it follows the Satoshi vision of a new digital currency and global blockchain for the world, and is willing to pursue that massive ambition to the end without compromises.

If the world is going to wake up to Bitcoin, it ought to wake up to the only one that deserves that name.

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