CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Bryan Daugherty discuss ways and tools to seize opportunities in BSV ecosystem

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Bryan Daugherty discuss ways and tools to seize opportunities in BSV ecosystem

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Bryan Daugherty, Bitcoin Association’s technical outreach manager for North America, is the go-to person when it comes to building a business on the BSV blockchain. As he tells Kurt Wuckert Jr. on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, whether it’s for a developer building a platform or an entrepreneur starting a blockchain-related business, he has the tools and resources to help make it happen. “I work with them through some ideas, if they’re not familiar with blockchain or just bring them up to speed on what is possible with some of the innovations that have happened on BSV.”

Daugherty’s expertise combined with knowledge of the BSV ecosystem allows him to facilitate development, making sure the right people collaborate with one another, essentially bringing each one, a step closer to their goal. “I will align them with specific vendors within the ecosystem or developers within that ecosystem that I think would be the perfect synergy for what they’re trying to accomplish.”

Daugherty believes that there are opportunities to be seized in the BSV ecosystem. Where to begin? For starters, he recommends having a go at educational resources that are readily available online, specifically the Bitcoin Academy, a free online course that educates newbies and developers alike about Bitcoin. He points out that “not only will you better understand the white paper or some of the development tools that are available through BSV, but you’ll be able to really expound and be able to ask a lot of questions.”

He also suggests getting involved with the BSV hackathon, one of the premier events of Bitcoin Association that educates participants about BSV’s technical capabilities. He believes the program highly incentivizes developers as it offers immediate access to many of the biggest brains in technology.

The discussion then shifts to the topic of retail investing, to which Kurt brings up a question that people often ask: What should we be investing our money in? Off the bat, Bryan says he avoids engaging in conversations that focus on the token or the price. For his part, such conversations are unproductive. He suggests, investing your money in building an application, rather than buying coins or tokens and then waiting and hoping for it to appreciate.

 “To extract value out of something, you should put value into it,” Bryan asserts. This message manifests in the work that he does at Smart Ledger, an enterprise blockchain application service distributor and startup accelerator. As Bryan explains, “I introduced them [Smart Ledger] to blockchain and BSV and their capabilities.” Currently, the company has several ongoing projects in the pipeline, including NFTs. “These are not your average NFTs,” he explains. “These NFTs are more utility based type.” Despite his appreciation for artwork NFTs and his fascination for digital twins, provenance, and ticketing, he affirms that NFTs need to have utility. “I think that it should do something, it should have a purpose.”

Capping off the discussion is energy consumption in the Bitcoin world—a topic Bryan plans to talk about more in the foreseeable future. Based on his observation, he notes that the public does not have access to factual resource materials on the subject. At the moment, Bryan is working with independent auditors to create a new proof of work modelling that can help technical researchers better understand the facts. “I’ve probably read 20 to 30 papers on ESG and energy consumption in the Bitcoin world. And, you know, most of them will say, proof of work is great because it provides all the benefits but it is so energy consuming that, it doesn’t scale, so it’s not worth it. So they just ignore the next 45 pages. Well, you know, that’s ultimately not true. I mean, we [BSV] were showing that on a daily basis.”

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