Bitcoin SV Hackathon

Upcoming BSV Hackathon webinar to walk developers through SPV and mAPI

The fourth Bitcoin SV Hackathon kicked off on June 14, with the participants having up to July 26 to come up with the next big application for the BSV blockchain. On June 24, participants will get the opportunity to further hone their skills as they continue in their development journey with a special hackathon-themed webinar.

The fourth Bitcoin SV Hackathon promises to be the most competitive one yet; the previous edition attracted over 400 participants from 75 countries.

On June 24, these developers—and even those who aren’t participating in the hackathon—will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills with a 60-minute webinar, moderated by Jad Wahab, an R&D software engineer at nChain. Kapil Jain, a curriculum contributor at Bitcoin Association, will join Wahab during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar, allowing the developers to have some of their biggest questions addressed by two leading Bitcoin minds.

The webinar will focus on simplified payment verification (SPV) and the merchant API (mAPI). It comes just weeks after the BSV Infrastructure Team released v1.1.0 of SPV Channels CE. This finally brought functionality to mobile devices and allowed a new range of mobile applications for BSV applications. SPV, as Satoshi Nakamoto referred to it in Section 8th of the 2008 Bitcoin white paper, allows participants to verify transactions and prevent double spends without needing to download a complete record of the blockchain.

The Bitcoin SV Hackathon judges will be expecting the participants to include SPV in their applications.

While announcing the commencement of the fourth Bitcoin SV Hackathon, Shadders commented, “With this edition of the Hackathon, we’re putting that new ability [SPV Channels] front and centre, tasking our entrants with finding unique and innovative ways to utilise that service and deliver on the true peer-to-peer vision for Bitcoin”

The webinar will take place on June 24 at 4 p.m. (CEST). You can register here for free to learn more about SPV and mAPI.

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