CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019: Jack Liu on the future of RelayX

CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019: Jack Liu on the future of RelayX

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The RelayX superwallet has promised to do things that no other cryptocurrency wallet has done before, and only on Bitcoin SV (BSV). To explain how much of a difference RelayX will make, Jack Liu took the stage at CoinGeek Toronto 2019, and explained how the superwallet will change the crypto world.

What makes Liu’s wallet more than just a wallet is that it strives to do more. He said, “Relay is the coupling of the potential of Bitcoin, and my golly, is there such a potential, with the desires and demands of everyday people.” (0:40)

What that means is that RelayX will try to do more than so many wallets have, and try to make it so that users don’t even need to know they are using Bitcoin. More than that, it will give them options of how to spend their money. Liu explained:

“We created a beautiful Bitcoin wallet, and we also have, underneath it all, a powerful settlement exchange platform for people to get in and out of Bitcoin. And soon, we will release applications, or a window into all the applications that you can use on chain. That’s pretty cool, right?”(2:40)

RelayX accomplishes the seamless onboarding process it strives for by allowing loading from any mobile wallet, from all around the world, with 1% maximum fees. It then seamlessly integrates with the BSV ecosystem through Paymail and traditional scanning techniques to send transactions, but also with other mobile wallets like WeChat. Finally, Liu mentioned that it will allow any file to be uploaded to the blockchain, and the storage and movement of Tokenized tokens, with other integrations coming in the future.

He also spoke about USDR, the new USD gift card available on the Relay network. This is how the superwallet will allow users to seek refuge from the potential volatility of cryptocurrency markets. He explained how it will work:

“RelayX is committed to accepting USDR for payment of fees in the Relay network for 1:1 equivalency. So what that means is that it’s a different way of backing. It’s not backing by dollars; it’s not backing by crypto assets.” (9:59)

Liu also spoke to exactly why RelayX can only work, and is only available for the BSV blockchain. More than any other reason, he chose BSV because of the promise stability of its protocol and vision going forward. Other protocols were at the whims of developers, which was simply unacceptable. Adding to that the massive blockchain scaling only available on BSV, and it was an easy choice.

Liu left the crowd with the vision he sees for RelayX and BSV’s future:

“It’s incredibly exciting about the Bitcoin future that I’m looking forward to, and my team is looking forward to, and that is that, fundamentally, we’ll be able to live a different life. This is about living different, this is not about living the same life, but with HODLing and getting some more money. Bitcoin has a potential to transform our life, and we hope RelayX can bring you along to that future, together.”(11:59)

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