CoinGeek podcast: How I’m building the Internet for commerce

As the Internet is for information, so blockchain will be for commerce. That’s the vision of James Belding, whose smart contract protocol, recently won a £5 million CoinGeek competition, and who is featured in the first of a new CoinGeek podcast series.

With the use of Tokenized, his protocol, James sees the future of blockchain as all-encompassing for a wide range of commercial functions: “not only the basic financial transactions, but all the receiving data – the invoices, purchase orders, everything that people need in terms of information when they conduct business with one another.”

The Tokenized white paper was released last week. We spoke to James, from his home in Australia, to hear the intriguing story of how Tokenized was created. It required him to master the details of a long list of legal procedures alongside tech development, but he’s confident it will all be worthwhile. Large commercial transactions will move to the blockchain, James says, “because it’s immutable, it’s a record that can’t be disputed”.

Listen to the story below, as the first of a new series of CoinGeek Conversations – and watch out for more of our podcasts in the coming weeks:

James Belding will be speaking on The Future of Commerce at the CoinGeek Week Conference on November 29.

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