CoinGeek Originals: CambrianSV Lisbon documentary coming on April 27

YouTube video

Bitcoin SV (BSV) developers share a common goal, even though they work on separate projects in varying geographic regions around the world. 

While many blockchain solutions appear to be divided with no common thread driving new solutions, the BSV developers subscribe to a central philosophy of building that is enabling the blockchain to produce real-world applications for both individuals and enterprises.

To help in those efforts, CambrianSV was born, offering a single gathering point for developers to share ideas and network. The second CambrianSV bootcamp was held this past February in Lisbon, Portugal, and CoinGeek is preparing to release a spectacular documentary on the event.

The first CambrianSV bootcamp was held in Bali last August. The six days of the gathering were filled with excitement and a ton of innovation, and the turnout led to the scheduling of the second bootcamp in Portugal. Its timing coincided with the launch of the Genesis upgrade on the BSV blockchain, which helped break the block size making it unbounded.  Bringing the BSV protocol back to the way Bitcoin had been initially envisioned was a huge step for the ecosystem, and provided a mechanism that will allow for future development in ways that are not possible with other solutions.

The CambrianSV Lisbon bootcamp had been designed to pull all developers together in order to facilitate more discussions through roundtables and debates, leading to greater partnerships and cohesive team building. To share with the world the success of the gathering, CoinGeek has put together the new documentary, which will premier Monday, April 27, at 10 AM GMT. It will be available on CoinGeek’s YouTube channel

These are exciting times for blockchain developers, as well as for those who have been on the outside looking in. Blockchain has become more than just a “passing fad” and has turned into the legitimate, next evolutionary step in business and financial operations. More and more, people are coming to the realization that digital currency and blockchain technology are here to stay and that they are becoming an integral part of many facets of society. 

This is just the beginning, though, and there is still a lot to be accomplished. Events like the CambrianSV bootcamps are helping make those accomplishments a reality, and are generating new excitement and energy for continued blockchain development.

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