CoinGeek Conference coming to Toronto this May

CoinGeek Conference coming to Toronto this May

2019 is the year of scaling, not just for Bitcoin SV (BSV) but also for the hottest cryptocurrency conference in the industry—the CoinGeek Conference.

From a one-day event in Hong Kong, the CoinGeek Conference has grown due to popular demand to a three-day summit in London, where the true pioneers of cryptocurrency and blockchain converge to share their experiences and insights on how to bring about the world’s new money—with Bitcoin SV, the only cryptocurrency and blockchain following the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin.

This May, CoinGeek is crossing the Atlantic for the third CoinGeek Conference, happening in Toronto, Canada.

The third installment of the CoinGeek Conference will be held at The Carlu in downtown Toronto from May 28 to 30. Like the first two CoinGeek conferences, the Toronto summit will feature an all-star cast of experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Expect expert talks, debates and Q&A’s with the who’s who of the Bitcoin ecosystem on Developers Day (May 29) and Conference Day (May 30), which will be hosted by Founding President of The Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen. A hackathon is also being planned for the first two days of the conference.

The Hong Kong and London conferences delved into the unique advantages of how cryptocurrency and blockchain will help businesses add an extra revenue generating machine. This time, the focus is all on massive on-chain scaling, happening only with Bitcoin SV. To date, BSV has already proven that it can sustain 64MB blocks, and also achieve 103MB blocks. But the work doesn’t end there. As CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre noted:

“We’ve already seen that because Bitcoin SV offers unlimited possibilities, it’s created a Cambrian explosion of creativity and innovation. The next step to that is creating businesses and industries using the advantages of Bitcoin SV… The protocol has already proven that betting on unlimited scaling was the correct choice.”

Registration for the CoinGeek Conference Toronto is coming soon. Watch this space or subscribe to to get the latest updates.

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