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Crypto Bitz: Ryan X. Charles and Casey Hamilton take on Bitcoin social media with HeartMail

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Last week, Britney from Crypto Bitz caught up with Ryan X. Charles and Casey Hamilton. In addition to another interesting conversation about all things BSV, the duo also announced a new company related to Bitcoin social media.

Bitcoin social media with HeartMail

Casey and Ryan kicked things off with an exciting announcement: they’re merging their brands under one umbrella to combat the rampant censorship by big tech and social media companies. Check out Heartmail.com for a closer look at what they’re doing right now.

After describing the problem of mass censorship, Casey handed it over to Ryan to explain the technology. He explained how people need to own their own domains but that these domains should have social features, e.g., being able to connect with friends. However, Ryan believes this should also involve money (Bitcoin wallets like Money Button) to allow us to pay each other for content.

“Think of it as something like WordPress but with Bitcoin inside,” Ryan said.

Educating people on how to use the technology

Casey explained her side of the venture—education. She’ll be providing the educational material to show others how to do everything from set up their own domains to running their own servers.

“We’re building stuff that will allow people to peacefully resist,” Casey said, describing the purpose of the new technology. “You’ll self-govern.”

Ryan elaborated that while there’s a learning curve involved, it’s not as hard as it might seem. He said that it will be easier to use than Facebook and Google and that the only reason it hasn’t been built yet is that Facebook, Google, and other big platforms didn’t want to build it.

Casey highlighted that the world was waiting for something like this, but that Bitcoin and its micropayment capabilities was the missing piece. Now that the Bitcoin genie is out of the bottle, it’s possible to monetize in a way that makes big platforms like Facebook unnecessary.

What is the true benefit for the average person?

Ryan pointed out that most people don’t need the technology but that content creators do because they’re the most vulnerable to censorship. Consumers will simply use the tools as they do today without even necessarily understanding how they work under the hood.

Casey told us that this will be launched by April and that there are already lots of great engineers helping them. Ryan mentioned that the network is already growing behind the scenes and that this stuff is already well understood by lots of content creators.

Bitcoin’s Turing Completeness

Ryan is known for his in-depth technical understanding of Bitcoin, and he took some time to explain some of the misunderstandings around it. One of those is that it’s not Turing complete, which he says is absolutely false.

“Turing complete just means you can compute any number,” he explained. “Bitcoin is Turing complete in many ways; not just one way.”

He then took the time to explain the various ways in which Bitcoin is Turing complete at the 25-minute mark in the interview.

YouTube video

The above video also explains how Bitcoin is Turing complete. It’s a fascinating look at how Bitcoin is far superior to systems like Ethereum, which were founded on the misunderstanding that Bitcoin is not Turing complete.

“This is part of why it scales,” Ryan explained, pointing out that many people in the industry now know this but are financially incentivized to promote lies about it.

SPV, the Bitcoin white paper and early criminals

Ryan mentioned that he feels the whitepaper was too short and that it should have explained a few things better, including SPV (Simple Payment Verification):

“If there weren’t so many scammers involved, they would have worked with Satoshi to get it going.”

Pointing to some of the criminals and scammers who were involved in the beginning and who started opposing Satoshi in the early days, Ryan says that lots of people just inserted their own ideas to fill the gaps in the white paper.

“I don’t think to this day Craig understands who he is up against,” Casey said. “It’s an all-out global war.”

On free speech and disagreement

Delving further into the purpose of the new network, Ryan highlighted that free speech means tolerating that you won’t agree with everything everyone says but that you don’t need to censor them.

However, the new platform will exist within the law. It won’t make it possible to commit crimes with impunity and will actually make it possible to detect illegal content more easily.

On Craig Wright’s determination to prove his identity without keys

Dr. Craig Wright has been determined to prove his identity without using Satoshi’s keys. He wants to use the legal system to do so.

Ryan said that he doesn’t have as much faith as Dr. Wright does in the legal system. Pointing out that they can be corrupted or can simply misunderstand Bitcoin and other deep issues, he isn’t sure if Dr. Wright will be able to prove his identity in court but still thinks his strategy should work in the long term.

“Everybody wants Craig to sign with Satoshi’s keys because it will pump the price,” Ryan mentioned. “However, we need to get away from Bitcoin as a speculative asset.”

The recent node software upgrade in BSV

Britney asked Ryan and Casey for their opinions on the recent node software upgrades.

Ryan explained that he is out of the loop on the recent upgrades, but he explained a much more important point: that the software can be upgraded or updated to move funds or comply with legal orders.

Pushing back a little, Britney asked what would happen if the government became even more corrupt and started misusing its power. Ryan simply stated that there’s no way to deal with that in Bitcoin and that the law would have to be sorted out in and of itself.

“My dream is that they all go down together,” Casey said. She elaborated on some of the disgusting criminal activity that goes on in the digital currency space and that she hopes Bitcoin can play a role in cleaning it up.

On the rumors of another hard fork

Finally, Britney asked for their opinions on the rumors of another potential hard fork.

“There’s no forking Bitcoin,” Ryan said, dismissing the idea as nothing more than a ploy to get attention. “Even if they do it, it’s just another crappy Bitcoin clone,” he said.

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