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CoinGeek Backstage: Nathan Senn talks building D.BUZZ social media app

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Who would have thought local Philippine blockchain events like Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear: Philippine Web3 Debate would gather international audiences? Organized by the Bitskwela team led by its CEO Jiro Reyes, now the project completed its third event in La Union last March. And one of their keynote speakers as well as partner was D.BUZZ.

On the sidelines of the Bull or Bear La Union, Nathan Senn, the co-founder of the D.BUZZ platform, was interviewed by CoinGeek Backstage reporter Claire Celdran. Senn shared what D.Buzz does, how it provides another social media app for blockchain users, and detailed his experience attending Bitskwela’s event.

Senn shared that D.BUZZ is a decentralized social media/microblogging platform built on the Hive blockchain.

“Users that use this platform own their content and their account. And no matter what happens with D.BUZZ, their content will always be on the blockchain,” Senn pointed out, speaking about the platform.

D.BUZZ, according to Senn, was developed at the beginning of 2020, and currently, it has a thousand active users. With the social media platform, users can post and earn Hive tokens based on how many people upload their content—much like what LaMint has been doing with the BSV blockchain, where every follow, like, and share helps content creators earn through micropayments.

Senn said he is very excited to interact with the Bull or Bear Debate audience and looks forward to speaking about their projects and promoting their social media app.

As for their plans for the future, since D.BUZZ is relatively new, they are still working on developing it. One of their plans is to develop a version of D.BUZZ that could integrate other blockchain networks. Apart from that, their team is also working on an off-chain posting feature in order for users to use the app on other social media like popular Twitter.

“We’re integrating a lot of other login capabilities onto the platform so users that don’t have a Hive account can easily onboard and use the platform. So that’s something to look forward to. That’s coming soon,” Senn said.

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