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CoinGeek Backstage: How mintBlue is pioneering BSV adoption in Europe

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The BSV Global Blockchain Convention (GBC) in Dubai saw some of the industry’s leading minds take the stage to give captivating and enlightening presentations. One of the most lauded presentations was by Niels van den Bergh who delved into the evolution from Web1 to Web3, deploying mass solutions in Europe on BSV, IPv6, and much more.

CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero caught up with van den Bergh on the sidelines of the GBC. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of mintBlue, a blockchain-as-a-service provider, started by tackling the big question—what is Web3? As he had done on stage, van den Bergh noted that Web3 is the evolution of the Internet to a protocol-focused version. Web1 had focused on pipelines that allowed the relaying of information in a unidirectional format from producer to consumer. Then came Web2, which saw the growth of platforms like Amazon and Facebook.

“Web3 is about building blocks,” van den Bergh observed. “We’re going away from the centralized winner-takes-all model to a building blocks approach.”

mintBlue has been making giant strides for the past two years, pushing Bitcoin SV adoption in Europe to new heights. One of these is through its partnership with a licensed e-money institute under the Dutch central bank to issue a tokenized euro on the blockchain. The alliance already allows users to pay with digital euros online as an alternative to the subscription model.

At the start of the year, mintBlue partnered with VISMA|yuki, a leading provider of cloud accounting software solutions in Europe, to integrate BSV into its platform. 

“Now organizations are publishing invoices onto the blockchain for immutable storage and financial ownership,” said Niels.

mintBlue, which closed a €2-million funding round in March led by Two Hop Ventures, also partnered this year with Storecove, an invoicing solutions provider renowned for being an access provider to Peppol, one of the largest e-invoicing networks with over 800,000 companies. 

“We’ve integrated the [BSV] blockchain into the Peppol client. All the 800,000 Peppol users have the option to publish their invoices on the blockchain. That’s how we can use the Peppol network as a flywheel for larger adoption,” Niels concluded.

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