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CoinGeek Backstage: Code Poets’ Chris Fonal on why networking is critical for developers

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In the past few years, the number of developers building on Bitcoin SV has skyrocketed as its market-leading features prove it’s miles ahead of other blockchain networks. Code Poets is one of the company that’s building on BSV blockchain, working with Centi to change the payments industry. Krzysztof “Chris” Fonal, the Code Poets CTO joined CoinGeek to talk about his role in shaping the future of payments on Bitcoin and why networking is critical for the success of any Bitcoin project.

Fonal joined CoinGeek Backstage after participating in a panel discussion alongside Unbounded Enterprise’s Jackson Laskey and HandCash CTO Rafa Jimenez. The discussion centered on how to build business applications on the BSV blockchain. On the sidelines of the event, Fonal joined CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompson to discuss his experience building on Bitcoin and how developers can ensure they have the best experience building.

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Code Poets has been working with Centi for close to one and a half years now. In that time, one of the things he has come to appreciate is the importance of networking. In the BSV ecosystem, new and advanced features and tools are being quickly developed. As such, developers need to be in contact to stay on top of the latest developments or risk lagging behind, Fonal told CoinGeek.

At Centi, networking has played a big role, he revealed. Led by Bernhard Müller, the Centi team is always in touch with other teams in the Bitcoin space, seeking to find the best and most advanced tools and solutions to give them a better experience while developing their own products.

It was this networking that led to the Centi team working with STAS token technology. As CoinGeek reported, Centi has partnered with Vaionex Corporation to build a wallet for BSV and STAS tokens.

“This environment is developing very quickly and so it’s very good to know who’s working on what and who’s doing what and when it will become available and so on.”

Fonal has been working with STAS, one of the token protocols built on BSV. However, he believes that as it stands, there’s no clear winner and it’s mostly up to the individual needs.

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