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Are you looking to join one of the most exciting, impactful and fastest growing industries in the world? The blockchain industry continues to rank as one of the best to work in, with new opportunities cropping up every day. And now, getting your next job in blockchain is as easy as visiting Bitcoin Association’s jobs board.

The jobs board launched in early 2021 and has continued to link more and more people to their dream jobs. Whether you’re an experienced developer, PR and communications professional, security expert or even a talented content creator, there’s something for everyone.

One of the most prominent companies in the Bitcoin space is Fabriik, and on the jobs board, it continues to offer new and exciting opportunities to define the future of digital payments. The company is hiring a compliance specialist, a community manager, a director of payments, a PR and communications executive, product managers for its smart wallet and exchange, a sales manager and a paid media manager.

All these opportunities will be fully remote, giving you the chance to make your contribution to the blockchain industry—and make a living—from any part of the world.

Elas Digital, an Australian software engineering company reimagining what’s possible on Bitcoin, is also seeking to grow its team. Founded by Brendan Lee, Elas is one of the companies allowing Bitcoin users to easily deploy tokens on the network.

Elas is hiring a computer security expert with proven experience. To qualify, you must be familiar with different security frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as well as risk management methodologies.

Elas is also hiring in other positions, including a UX design lead and a database specialist.

One of the leading global fiat-to-digital currency gateway solutions for exchanges and wallets has also listed a couple of opportunities on the jobs board. Canada-based Banxa, which trades publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is seeking to onboard two operations managers—one for customer experience and the other for customer onboarding.

Unbounded Enterprise, Golden Notes, Vaionex Corporation and UNISOT are all also looking to add on to their teams, with opportunities ranging from frontend engineer and React developer to content marketing specialist and NodeJS developer.

Visit Bitcoin Association’s jobs board today to find your dream job and play your part in defining the future with blockchain technology.

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