Centbee to present at CoinGeek London Conference

The CoinGeek London Conferenceis right around the corner and the excitement is mounting by the minute. The event will be graced by some of the most renowned personalities in the cryptocurrency industry and beyond. South African Bitcoin wallet Centbee will be one of the exhibitors in the event, introducing the attendants to its transformative products that are changing the lives of thousands in Africa.

Centbee provides its users with one of the easiest-to-use BSV wallets in the market. The wallet has made it possible for users in Africa to access the only Bitcoin project that adheres to Satoshi’s original protocol. Users can buy BSV easily through their bank accounts. Centbee also facilitates easy BSV payments, making it possible for small enterprises to receive payments in BSV. International remittances are also convenient and only cost a few cents.

Lorien Gamaroff, the CEO and co-founder of Centbee, will take the stage in London to discuss the impact that BSV has had on international remittances and more. Gamaroff has been a constant figure in the BSV community and has been a featured speaker in all the previous CoinGeek conferences.

At last year’s CoinGeek Seoul Conference, Gamaroff talked about Centbee Remit. The service allows users to send funds across borders in minutes. Once the user keys in the required details, Centbee transfer the funds to a local partner in the recipient’s country. This partner converts the BSV into the local currency and then deposits it in the recipient’s account. This whole process only takes a minute or two at most, by far the fastest cross-border funds transfer in the continent. It also only costs a few cents in stark contrast to the available options that take up to three days and cost up to $30.

The CoinGeek Conference will be held on February 20-21 in London. One of the largest events on the blockchain calendar, it will attract attendants from the BSV community and beyond, as the world converges to discuss the future of blockchain technology.

The highlight of the event will be Dr. Craig Wright as one of the speakers. Other speakers include Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, American economist George Gilder, and PwC’s Dr. Daniel Diemers, among others.

This is one event you can’t afford to miss, grab your tickets now and secure your spot.

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