Seasons Greetings from Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre holiday message: Future’s bright for BSV blockchain in 2022

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Calvin Ayre wants the world to know that, as good as 2021 was for the BSV community, the future’s so bright we’ll be wearing ARC-14 welder’s glasses in 2022.

Calvin Ayre has released a video in which he offers his traditional recap of the year’s events along with his hopes that everyone in the BSV community has a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. It would have been nice if COVID was in our rearview mirror by now, but it seems we’ll all just have to grin and bear it—and bare our sleeves for booster shots—a while longer.

On a more positive note, Calvin is excited that BSV was identified this year as the most energy-efficient blockchain by leading Canadian accounting and business advisory service firm MNP. With other blockchains coming under intense criticism for accelerating climate change just to benefit a select few HODLers, BSV’s green credentials further distinguish it from the planet-warming cryptocurrencies.

Calvin celebrates the fact that BSV set new standards for the most transactions in a single block while mining individual blocks in excess of 2GB, feats not only unimaginable but impossible on other blockchains. We also witnessed BSV surpass BTC as the most data-rich blockchain, a lead that will only widen as BTC maxis cling to their stunted 1MB data cap to justify their proprietary second-layer ‘solutions.’

Just like COVID, the year saw BTC mutate into yet another variant, this one called Taproot. Calvin expresses amazement that the centralized BTC protocol developers are choosing to hype Taproot’s ability to mask transaction data just as regulators and law enforcement agencies are finally getting wise to the public threat posed by cryptocurrencies. But hey, to paraphrase Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid develops.

Meanwhile, August saw BSV fulfill the model of economic sustainability laid out in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper by mining blocks in which transaction fees exceeded the block reward for the first time. With block rewards set to halve again in 2024, BSV remains the only technology offering miners a path toward financial sustainability.

Specifically, Wright enjoyed favorable court rulings on both sides of the Atlantic in 2021. In the U.K., Wright prevailed in his fight with anonymous Twitter troll Cøbra over Wright’s copyright in the Bitcoin white paper. U.K. courts also sided with Wright in his defamation suits against Magnus ‘Hodlonaut’ Granath and podcaster Peter McCormack, both of whom were required to cough up sizeable sums as the cost of their legal folly.

In the U.S., the jury in the Kleiman v Wright trial concluded that Dave had no help in creating Bitcoin. As Calvin notes, this bodes well for Wright’s upcoming U.K. court tilt with the BTC maxi brigade known as COPA, who desperately want to torpedo the growing public recognition of Wright.

Calvin ends his annual greeting on a positive note, expressing an optimism for the year ahead that is as unbounded as BSV. Having withstood the challenges posed by 2021, Calvin wishes all of us similar successes in 2022. The future may be unwritten, but when it is written, it will undoubtedly be written on the BSV blockchain.

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