BSV Wales joins FinTech Wales organization

BSV Wales, the Welsh chapter of the Bitcoin Association meetup communities, recently joined FinTech Wales, a not-for-profit organization that supports all aspects of the fintech community in Wales. The conjunction of these two tech communities is bound to catalyze innovation in blockchain and fintech in Wales.

In their latest blog post, the BSV Wales team discussed how they are excited to be a part of FinTech Wales and how they are looking forward to assisting any individuals in the FinTech Wales community when it comes to blockchain-related matters.

We had the chance to catch up with BSV Wales co-founders Gabriel Ackerman and James Parker, to learn more about BSV Wales as well as the upcoming Fintech Week Wales blockchain events—here is what we’ve learned:

For those who don’t know, what is BSV Wales?

Parker: BSV Wales is the Welsh chapter of the wider network of Bitcoin Association meetup communities. We launched nearly a year ago with our first event and now have a community of just under 300 members. The aim with BSV Wales is to provide both a welcoming community and comprehensive support for Welsh people interested in learning about or building on Bitcoin SV, and blockchain in general.

What can we expect from BSV Wales in the future?

Ackerman: We’ve got a lot planned for the mid/longer term of our community. A huge thing for us has always been our passion to provide high-quality resources and support in Wales, so we’ll be ramping up our work and releasing our website in the next few months.

What can you tell us about the upcoming Applications of Blockchain Data and Beyond event in the upcoming Wales Tech Week?

Ackerman: Our other co-founder, Jack Davies, has been asked to host this event, so of course we’re intrigued to see what it involves. We’re obviously excited to hear from the EHR Data team about that project, especially as the NHS is such a Welsh cornerstone in our eyes. It goes without saying that Josh Petty will also be a highlight of the week discussing Twetch.

I’m actually quite intrigued personally to hear about the Zero Carbon Project too. We think it’s quite important to keep BSV Wales open to all forms of discussion, and that of course includes hearing what’s happening on other blockchains.

Are there any other blockchain events in Wales Tech Week that we should tune into?

Parker: It’s looking like quite a packed schedule, but a few that caught my eye were the ‘Applications of Blockchain: Payments’ session on the same day, as that has a presentation from Centbee, as well as from Paul Harwood, who runs a really interesting Welsh-based company called Wallets. 

The other one that I think will be worth checking out is the ‘Blockchain for Enterprise’ session from nChain. This is a key area of interest for us at BSV Wales as we get so many questions from Welsh corporates looking into blockchain, so this will be a great one for them.

Interested in tuning in?

You will see some familiar names and faces throughout Wales Tech Week, such as Twetch founder and CEO Josh Petty, Centbee CEO and co-founder Lorien Gamaroff, nChain’s Director of Business Services Simit Naik, blockchain patent expert Cerian Jones, and BSV Wales founder Jack Davies.

If you are interested in tuning into the many blockchain-related events that will take place at Wales Tech Week on July 13-17, we encourage you to check out the full schedule and register for the events you find appealing. 

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