BSV Stories Episode 2, Back My Business Dream, premieres on June 8

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CoinGeek’s latest Bitcoin documentary, BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream, is set to premiere on June 8.

In this episode, the CoinGeek team goes behind the scenes of the BSV Venture Pitch Day. Organized by the Bitcoin Association, the BSV Venture Pitch Day allows entrepreneurs building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain to pitch to the top investors in the blockchain and digital currency industry.

The three most appealing projects get to present in front of the crowd at the subsequent CoinGeek Conferences. The BSV Venture Pitch Day is one of the best opportunities that business owners and creators have to get their projects in front of the eyes of investors and venture capitalists.

Second BSV Venture Pitch Day in London

Some 50 entrepreneurs participated in Pitch Day on February 18 in London, and the top three projects from Pitch Day got to present on stage at CoinGeek London to a crowd of over 27,000 viewers. At the CoinGeek London conference, we saw Looter, Memento, and ActivitySV take the stage and share their visions for the projects that they successfully pitched at the Pitch Day event.

The upcoming documentary follows three teams throughout BSV Venture Pitch Day and shows you what goes on behind the scenes. If you have plans to pitch your BSV project in the future, or are interested in participating at Venture Pitch Day for CoinGeek New York in October, then you are going to want to watch BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream to learn all that you possibly can about the event.

Preparing for Pitch Day

If you are interested in pitching your BSV project and watching the upcoming documentary, BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream, then you will also be interested in the Bitcoin Association Virtual Hackathon. It’s free to enter, will run for eight weeks, has a prize pool of $100,000, and gives successful participants the chance to receive additional funding from investors. Registered participants can submit their projects from June 23 to August 18, and the final round of the hackathon will take place at CoinGeek New York in October. 

Be on the lookout for the Pitch Day Documentary on June 8, and register for the BSV virtual hackathon while you wait!

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