Peergame introducing 70+ games

BSV-powered Peergame releases 70+ new casino games with frictionless payouts

BSV-powered online casino operator Peergame recently announced the release of its 70+ new games with 52 slot games, 19 table games including Blackjack, Poker, Hilo, Roulette, SicBo, and five casual games to round it all out.  

While the addition of these games is huge news for Peergame, its loyal customers, and affiliates, the most innovative part about playing with this brand (and referring it to others) is the ease of moving funds around.  

Moving funds without friction is what separates BSV blockchain-powered casinos such as Peergame from the rest—with transaction fees of less than 1 cent and the ability to do instant microtransactions, nothing can compare to this iGaming experience. And now, with the new games release, Peergame’s game offerings are on par with the more traditional fiat brands.

It’s quick and easy to experience the ease of moving funds around with BSV. Just sign up with HandCash wallet and start getting familiar with the app’s ecosystem. It’s not even necessary to buy BSV to play at Peergame. Customers can earn BSV by promoting content on their social media accounts via TonicPow (also part of the HandCash app ecosystem), and the funds will start flowing in.  

Take that same Handcash wallet, use the funds to make a bet at Peergame, and when enjoying the original games that are built 100% on-chain, customers can play without even making a deposit. 

“All of our single round-based original games do not require any deposit. Gamers can simply make a bet and the bet amount will be deducted from their HandCash wallet. If won, the winnings will be deposited instantly back to their wallets. No sign-up, no deposit, simply connect your wallet and play,” explained a representative of Peergame.

With the addition of its newer suite of casino games in January, customers can still play with BSV thanks to the introduction of their new feature, “Game Deposit.” 

“‘Game Deposit’ is the amount a gamer temporarily deposits in Peergame for faster, uninterrupted game progress. It is necessary for games that need multiple bets to be added during the round of a game, like poker and blackjack,” explained Peergame.

“Say you placed a bet in Blackjack and received two aces and now you want to split, but Money Button/HandCash is going through maintenance and won’t allow any transactions to be made, or you encounter a speed limit and have to wait for the new block to be mined on the blockchain. In order to prevent these kinds of frustrating interruptions while playing, we have implemented a game deposit system,” they said. 

“Gamers can add more BSV to the game deposit amount at any time and can withdraw the game deposit balance back to their wallets at any time, all permission-less,” Peergame added. 

But it’s not only the players who will benefit from the frictionless payment functionality that separates Peergame from the masses—affiliates can enjoy it as well. Forget waiting until the end of the month to collect commissions and forget the dreaded negative carry-over—as a Peergame Affiliate Partner, these days are long gone. 

“One must have their HandCash or Money Button wallet connected to Peergame when signing up as an affiliate. Then every time their referrals play at Peergame, they will receive commissions based on a referrals’ wager instantly to their own wallet,” Peergame confirmed.  

“No need to claim the payouts, it will just automatically keep pinging your wallet and so you can just enjoy watching your wallet get fatter in real-time,” they said. 

Affiliates can also rest assured that everything at Peergame is fair and transparent without any room for manipulation. This is because Peergame’s games are on-chain, and every wager is an individual transaction, recorded immutably on the BSV blockchain.

Since its inception in August of 2019 as a lottery game, Peergame has continually improved its offering and grown its brand into a full-fledged online casino with an unrivaled, frictionless payment system. When asked what we can expect in the coming months, it’s clear they are not even close to finished with releasing new features. 

“Next up in our roadmap, we are eager to add Sports Betting and PvP Poker game. Meanwhile, hope everyone enjoys our new games!” they shared. 

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