BSV Global Blockchain Convention to take place in Dubai on May 2022

It’s been a monumental year for the BSV blockchain, with record after record being recorded in the history books. 2GB blocks, millions of daily transactions, and a tidal wave of development have all contributed to the massive growth of BSV in 2021 and 2022 so far.

As a result of this growth, the BSV ecosystem is outgrowing its early stages, and so the popular CoinGeek conferences will now be branded BSV Global Blockchain Convention. The first of these will be held in Dubai this May.

What’s happening in Dubai this May?

This will be the first of the newly branded BSV Global Blockchain Convention. The rebrand reflects the growth of the ecosystem and acknowledges that BSV is now global in its dimensions.

  • The convention will take place this coming May in Dubai.
  • It will bring together thinkers, developers, and leaders for a three-day convention.
  • There will be welcome receptions, meet-ups, exhibition, presentations, product launch announcements, discussion panels, and much more.
  • While it has been rebranded, the convention is still backed by Ayre Ventures and will be extensively covered by CoinGeek.

If you’ve been watching and following CoinGeek conferences since their inception, you’ll have tracked the steady growth of the world’s largest public utility blockchain through conferences in Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Toronto, Zurich, and New York.

At each event, the more exciting news is released, and the inevitability of BSV’s total dominance of the industry becomes more apparent. For example, at the last conference in New York, we heard from European compliance firm kompany about how they were building on BSV. The firm has since been acquired by none other than Moodys. Awareness of BSV goes all the way to the top!

“As BSV has expanded so significantly since the last conference—mostly handling over 2 million transactions a day now—we felt that the Convention needed to offer a wider remit to its delegates. As larger companies and even governments become interested in the power of the BSV Blockchain the Convention also needed to more directly reflect what is on offer in Dubai this May,” Ayre Group and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre said.

What announcements and developments can we expect in Dubai?

The exact details about announcements and product launches will have to remain under wraps until the convention itself. However, here are some things you should expect to hear more about at the conference.

  • More information about Teranode, the scaling solution touted to make BSV capable of handling millions of transactions per second. Last year, Technical Director of the BSV Infrastructure Team Steve Shadders demonstrated 50,000 transactions per second and hinted that this is just the beginning.
  • At least a few new product launches. The development on BSV blockchain has been taking place at a pace that’s difficult to keep up with. At the last conference, we saw the launch of the next-generation Relysia wallet, among many other applications. The types of products being launched on BSV today will give us insights into what the ecosystem will look like a few years down the line. Two words tie them all together: enterprise solutions.
  • We may hear from serious firms and even government agencies who are developing on BSV. At the last conference, we learned that iGaming regulators had given their tacit approval to BSV. We also know that nChain released Kensei to enable enterprises to easily interact with the BSV blockchain. Clearly, some big players are reviewing their options, and BSV is at least being noticed by most of them.
  • We’ll also likely hear product updates from existing BSV ecosystem players. For example, we’ll likely hear more about CryptoFights by FYX Gaming and other play-to-earn games on BSV. CryptoFights has had the greatest success in terms of transaction volume so far and has shown what BSV is capable of. Expect to hear from the people behind Haste Arcade, Peer Game, POWChess, DuroDogs, and many other leading BSV applications, too.
  • Following on from previous conferences, we’ll also hear from a host of guest speakers and experts across various industries who’ll explain how BSV blockchain is positively changing industries. At previous conferences, we heard from big names in logistics and supply chains, pharmaceuticals, gaming compliance, and others about how the data management capabilities of BSV are allowing them to explore new solutions to age-old problems in their industries.

We look forward to keeping you posted as the convention approaches. One thing we can be sure of is that this will be the biggest BSV Blockchain conference to date. With Dr. Craig Wright’s victories in court making global headlines last year and the undeniable growth of the original Bitcoin ecosystem recently, all eyes are on the only blockchain that scales infinitely.

Make sure to tune in to the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai this May!

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