CryptoFights enjoys explosive success on BSV blockchain

CryptoFights enjoys explosive success on BSV blockchain

It was only a matter of time before an application came along that demonstrated the true power of BSV enterprise blockchain.

It appears that moment has arrived, and the killer app is a popular game called CryptoFights by FYX Gaming. Right now, it’s experiencing exponential growth with over half a million daily on-chain transactions and growing.

As the only proof-of-work blockchain that scales, CryptoFights wouldn’t work on any blockchain other than BSV. Let’s dig into the details and learn more about the meteoric rise of CryptoFights.

What is CryptoFights?

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CryptoFights is a single-player fantasy RPG game. Players explore worlds and get into 1v1 battles against others. Each round ends when one player’s character reaches zero hit points.

Here’s how a typical fight goes:

  • The first step involves picking species and skills. Dwarves, human assassins, elves, and other species are some of the options.
  • Characters then explore different fantasy worlds and battle other players. There are various tiers that successful players ascend through.
  • Skilled players can play for real money to win BSV and NFTs with real value. These can be traded freely on the marketplace.
  • Note that character creations are free. Players can create multiple characters to test them.

CryptoFights can currently be played on Android, Windows, and the Android emulator Bluestacks.

Clearly, this BSV-based game is a hit with players. The daily CryptoFights transactions totaled 42,265 at the end of June. As of the time of writing, they’ve surpassed 545,000 on a daily transaction graph that is going vertical.


On-chain stats and game growth

What can we learn about CryptoFights from looking at the data?

Right now, it is the most-used application on BSV by a long way. Popular BSV casino Peergame came in second with 18,800 daily transactions against CryptoFights’ 545,785 transactions on July 19—also marking an explosive growth for the online casino platform, as this is more than double their usual number of transactions.

CryptoFights generated $2,434.05 in miner fees on July 19th. One week previously, it generated $204.92. This demonstrates both its viral growth and how BSV will be sustainable in the long term. It won’t rely on a diminishing block reward and a handful of sky-high fees. Instead, it will generate miner fees with application utility.

And despite the rapid growth, the mean transaction fee was just $0.00332.

On July 16, CryptoFights announced on Twitter that more than 200,000 NFTs had been won in the past 60 days. This was before the viral explosion of the game, so it’s safe to say this number is now considerably higher.

Players have the ability to win real money playing CryptoFights. Right now, the number one player on the game leaderboard earned $146.70 in 24 hours. They participated in 1186 fights with 815 wins.

Only on BSV

The most exciting thing about CryptoFights is that it’s just getting started. On-chain data shows that the game started going viral in mid-July and underwent 5x transaction growth between July 16 and July 19. With the attention this game is getting, it’s not likely to plateau anytime soon.

This insane growth would have brought inferior blockchains to a standstill, but as Satoshi Nakamoto said plainly in his early communications, Bitcoin has “no real scaling ceiling.” That unlimited scaling ability has finally been restored on BSV.

We are witnessing the awesome power of Bitcoin unbounded with CryptoFights. This is only the first chapter in a much longer story that will see Bitcoin scale to global dimensions with billions of daily transactions. You can try CryptoFights here.

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