BSV exchange FloatSV adds Paymail support, implements TradingView

FloatSV is simplifying experience for Bitcoin SV users, with the addition of Paymail support and TradingView implementation.

“Paymail on Float brings together the ease of use of Paymail (which users can easily remember) with instant deposits,” said Paul Martin of RelayX.

“Now users can make deposits from their wallets directly to FloatSV without having to copy and paste long cumbersome address strings, and without having to wait hours to use their deposited funds. This allows traders to keep their BSV off of the exchange in any of the major wallets supporting Paymail, and still have the ability to hedge and trade instantly when needed. This is good for consumer protection as users can now stay in control of their funds at all times they are not trading without the downside of long deposits.

It’s a major milestone for exchange trading, and a great display of what BSV does best on multiple fronts.”

Implementing Paymail support is a major step into the future for digital asset exchanges. Instead of using hard to remember, convoluted, arbitrary strings of letters and numbers, users can easily recall the Paymail they are looking to send funds to.

This simplifies the user experience, making it quicker for them to send funds from point A to point B—and while we are on the topic of speed, all deposits made via Paymail on FloatSV will appear in the recipient’s wallet instantaneously thanks to FloatSV’s instant product. Considering that most exchanges require a number of confirmations for BSV transactions that often push the time it takes for BSV to reach their wallet to over 10 hours, Paymail significantly improves the trading experience.

TradingView implementation

Paymail support comes less than 24 hours after FloatSV added support for TradingView, the social network that allows individuals to share quotes, stock charts, and trading ideas with one another. 

“TradingView is an exciting addition because it’s the most popular charting tool on the market,” said Martin. “Its simplicity allows anyone to use and share technical analysis, measure performance across different assets, and enjoy social trading.”

Many digital asset users are big on charting, it is not unusual to scroll through Twitter and come across at least one chart where you are being shown some kind of future value prediction based on technical analysis.

Now that TradingView has been integrated into FloatSV, digital asset traders can seamlessly chart and share their graphs with others without ever having to leave the FloatSV exchange.

Optimizing Bitcoin

The optimization of the Bitcoin ecosystem continues with FloatSV’s two new implementations—Paymail support and TradingView implementation.

FloatSV’s new additions have simplified the digital asset user experience, making it easier for them to transfer and receive value as well as make educated predictions about the future of the digital asset space. FloatSV has been on a tear in 2020, continually adding value to the world through innovative products that make users’ lives easier. We look forward to what comes next from the FloatSV team. 

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