FloatSV celebrates CambrianSV week with 50% off on BSV trading pairs

Bitcoin asset exchange FloatSV has announced 50% off fees on all Bitcoin SV (BSV) trading pairs this week, in support of the upcoming BSV developer bootcamp event in Bali, Indonesia.

Float SV, which provides an exchange for trading real assets on BSV, said it was applying the fee discount as part of a campaign around the CambrianSV Bootcamp, an event that will bring together some of the world’s leading BSV developers.

The seven-day bootcamp, taking place in Bali from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5, gets talented BSV developers in the same room, sharing know-how and expertise as well as shaping the next “transformative applications” of the technology.

In a post, the FloatSV team said the discounts mark their support for the Bootcamp, and for the continued development of the BSV ecosystem.

From Aug 29th to Sep 4th (GMT+8), all BSV trading pairs, including BSV/USDT, BSV/USDK, BSV/USDC, BSV/TUSD, BSV/BTC, BCH/BSV will enjoy a 50% discount on trading fees. All fees will be rebated to your account by Sep 9th.

As part of the campaign, the exchange is also giving users the chance to vote for their favorite CambrianSV team, with rewards in BSV for the winners.

The team said, “From now to Sep 4th at midnight (GMT+8), FloatSV users can vote for your favorite CambrianSV team…Team with the highest votes will be awarded the other 50% of all BSV pairs’ trading revenue from Aug 29th to Sep 4th. Votes are weighted based on your trading volume from Aug 29th to Sep 4th – the more you trade, the heavier your vote weighs.”

The voting result will be announced at the event on September 5.

The offer comes at a time of growing developer interest in BSV worldwide, with the protocol continuing to develop to support practical commercial applications.

FloatSV is “the exchange with the most BSV trading choices anywhere in the world,” offering pairs including BSV/USDT, BSV/USDC, BSV/BTC, and BCH/BSV.

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