BSV crossover online event combines regulars from San Francisco and London meetups

On April 28, the London BSV meetup, in collaboration with the San Francisco BSV meetup, will be hosting a webinar where attendees will learn more about Bitcoin and the products built on top of it. Given the Black Swan event that is the coronavirus pandemic, in-person contact is discouraged—and even prohibited—in many places. That being said, Money Button, Baemail, the San Francisco BSV Meetup, the London BSV Meetup, and the Bitcoin Association are bringing the meetup to everyone via webinar.

The details

The London + San Francisco BSV meetup is an online-only meetup event taking place on April 28 at 11 a.m. PST; you can sign up to attend here

At the event, representatives from six of the most influential Bitcoin businesses—HandCash, Money Button, Baemail, nChain, Matterpool, and 21e8—will be speaking. The roster of speakers includes Craig Wright, chief scientist of nChain; Ryan X. Charles, founder of Money Button; Rafa Jiménez, co-founder of Handcash; Mark Wilcox, founder of 21e8; Daniel Krawisz, chief scientist of Matterpool; Darren Kellenschwiler (Deggen), CEO of Probatus and founder of Baemail; Money Button engineer Eva Ferreira, Money Button engineer Miguel Duarte, and HandCash engineer Ivan Mlinarić.

As you can see, some of the brightest minds when it comes to building businesses and conducting Bitcoin research will be speaking. The topics that will be discussed include, but are not limited to: peer-to-peer transactions, encrypted messaging, PoW messaging, and innovative new products and features from the representative companies. 

Mark your calendar and secure your spot

The London + San Francisco BSV meetup is an event that you don’t want to miss. The best minds in Bitcoin will be there, helping everyone in attendance better understand Bitcoin and the products that have been built on Bitcoin.

Beyond gaining insight from some of the best in Bitcoin, another great thing about this meet up is that you can attend from your own home. Attending this event does not require you to hop on a plane or travel to a meet up; all you need to do to attend is sign up for the webinar and tune in on April 28 when the meetup begins. 

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as state and federal governments, are preventing the world from physically coming together, digital events, like the London + San Francisco BSV meetup are substitutes for in-person, face to face meetups. Considering that the date that world economies reopen is precarious at the moment, it would not be surprising to see more BSV events being broadcast online, rather than held at venues, in the near future. So remember to continue to check in at to learn about any upcoming BSV events.

We hope to see you at the London + San Francisco BSV meetup on April 28! If you have any questions for any of the speakers, you can submit questions through—questions will be sorted and answered according to value.

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