BSV Blockchain Conference New York

BSV Blockchain Conference New York: How BSV is meeting enterprise needs

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The BSV enterprise blockchain continues to take the world by storm with its ability to scale unbounded, rapid growth and powerful technical capabilities. Bitcoin SV has become the only blockchain network that enables efficient micropayments, greater data capacity and high transaction volume. And come September 9, the BSV Blockchain Conference will head to New York to shine a light on the enterprise capabilities of BSV blockchain.

 The event is intended for business executives, institutional investors and journalists that are interested in blockchain and digital assets. It will delve into such issues as why BSV blockchain is the only truly scalable global blockchain for enterprise use as well as how it supports tokens, smart contracts and other blockchain functionalities.

The attendees will also get to learn about how BSV enterprise blockchain is already being applied by enterprises across various sectors and how they can begin to easily implement BSV technology. For the institutional investors, there will be sessions dedicated to why they should place their bets on BSV.

The event will feature a stellar cast of presenters, with leading minds in the Bitcoin ecosystem set to talk about topics such as data integrity on BSV, the future of digital asset trading, digital advertising on BSV, online gaming, NFTs and more.

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen will kick off the event with an introduction to the BSV blockchain. Other speakers include sCrypt CEO Xiaohui Liu who will talk about smart contracts on Bitcoin; Chris Naprawa, president of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF), who will address blockchain transaction processing; Ayre Ventures Managing Director of Private Equity Paul Rajchgod, who will talk about why investors should pay attention to BSV; and Britevue’s Connor Murray and TonicPow’s Luke Rohenaz who will dive into online services and digital advertising on Bitcoin SV.

Non-fungible tokens are all the rage in the blockchain space in recent days, and the conference will look at them as well. Dave Mullen-Muhr, a partner at Unbounded Capital—which invests purely in BSV startups—will talk about how the Bitcoin SV blockchain is the undisputed best at offering NFTs.

Fabriik’s Karen Wendel, VXPASS’ Zachary Weiner, Veridat’s Philip Runyan and Honā’s Georgi Siosi Samuels will also take to the stage.

The conference will be free and all are welcome to attend. However, the space is limited, so make sure to submit a request to attend through the Bitcoin Association’s application form immediately to be in one of the most enlightening experiences for Bitcoin enterprise adoption this year.

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