BSV Blockchain Conference makes its way to New York

BSV Blockchain Conference makes its way to New York

Businesses building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain have been able to build and launch more dynamic apps and services in the past few months compared to the past two years—why? Because tokens, smart contracts, and other technological developments in the BSV ecosystem have allowed companies to implement and automate more beneficial blockchain-native features.

On September 9, many established and emerging Bitcoin companies spoke to the audience at Bitcoin Association-hosted BSV Blockchain Conference New York about hot topics in the blockchain world such as NFTs, DeFi, and gaming and why they chose the BSV enterprise blockchain as the foundation layer for the business solutions that they have built.

The afternoon began with the “Online gaming & eSports on BSV” panel where Matt Dickson, CEO and co-founder of Bitcoin-based cashless casino BitBoss; Tyler Farnsworth, the CMO of esports organization Built By Gamers; Adam Kling, CEO and founder of FYX Gaming; and Keith LaForce, technical co-founder of Haste Arcade, discussed about how fast the gaming industry is growing and the benefits a blockchain-based system can bring to the gaming sector, such as increased transparency, instant leaderboard payouts thanks to micropayments, and unprecedented business models like a cashless casino that uses the blockchain as its payment rails.

Kling returned for another panel with Dave Mullen-Muhr of Unbounded Enterprise, the Bitcoin development company that is building Duro Dogs, and the two shared their insights on NFTs, why there is a market for them, and how there is a lot of potential for blockchain-based NFTs to thrive, especially when it comes to online games.

The next presentation came from Robert Rice, the founder and CEO of Transmira, an AR/VR company that uses the BSV enterprise blockchain. He talked about the Metaverse, a concept that is becoming increasingly popular and playing a larger role in our lives. The Metaverse is a digital world that individuals will access through their devices, and many enterprises are using AR/VR as the vehicle to deliver Metaverse experiences. Rice told the audience how his team plans to add value to the metaverse and told the audience about topics such as digital real estate and digital twins.

Lastly, Dr. Edgar White, the technology director at, and Roy Bernhard, the Chief visionary at Fabriik and The Bayesian Group, talked about financial products built on top of BSV and how the BSV enterprise blockchain enables individuals to offer the financial services that they are familiar with from traditional financial institutions peer-to-peer without a middle man and the opportunities that can be created from that.

This is just the beginning

Two years ago, when BSV split from BCH, many of these service offerings were not possible. Although BSV had the infrastructure to support these businesses, the tools, and resources that the enterprises needed to launch their businesses had not been created yet.

But now, each of the businesses mentioned above has launched their product—with the exception of Unbounded Enterprises Duro Dogs, which will be launching in October. Token protocols, smart contracts, and the ability to scale are a few of the key factors that allowed these companies to get their products out in the market.

This is just the beginning for the BSV enterprise blockchain and the companies building on top of it. To learn more about the BSV blockchain and what the companies building on it have in store for the future, as well as how you and your company can implement the BSV enterprise blockchain in your business operations to reduce costs, increase your bottom line, and boost overall efficiency, then you are going to want to attend the CoinGeek Conference taking place in New York from October 5-7.

Register to join the eighth CoinGeek Conference, taking place at The Sheraton, Times Square in New York City.

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