Blockchair adds BSV block explorer

Blockchair adds BSV block explorer

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is developing as anticipated, not missing a single beat. The only cryptocurrency that understands why digital currency was developed is gaining ground and has begun to garner more public support. The latest indication of the currency’s strength comes by way of Blockchair, a company that offers a search and analytics tool for blockchain activity. It has announced that its platform now includes a BSV explorer.

The company states in a press release regarding BSV support, “Powerful search and analytics engine for blockchains Blockchair is launching its BSV block explorer today. Blockchair’s strategic goal is to develop blockchain explorers for all leading cryptocurrencies. Since SV has shown good progress and received community support the team has decided to add it.”

The inclusion of the explorer came after Blockchair developers received an overwhelming amount of support for the capability. The company listened and decided to put together a tool that would be better than other explorers. Blockchair acknowledges that there are already some blockchain exploration tools available for BSV, but points out that some are not capable of showing all transactions and others don’t allow application programming interfaces (API).

Blockchair further asserts, “Blockchair offers a high-speed search for information on blockchains. Here you can find your transactions and addresses, sort, filter and export data; perform full-text search over blockchains; get notified when your unconfirmed transaction gets into a block; get printable receipts of your transaction. Blockchair also features professional API for development and business purposes.”

Many crypto enthusiasts are probably already familiar with the Blockchair platform. It has provided support for Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin BCH, Ether and Litecoin, and the addition of BSV will work the same way as it does for the other digital currencies. Users can use a versatile search engine to look up transactions, blocks, crypto addresses and embedded text data. 

Blockchair has become one of the most popular explorer tools available. It has been featured by a number of crypto exchanges and has partnerships with several academic institutions, including the National Research Nuclear University and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, both of which are located in Russia.

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