Cryptocurrency could replace fiat currency by 2030

Cryptocurrency could replace fiat currency by 2030

While the cryptocurrency watches as prices rise and fall on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis, the question continuously comes up: Will cryptocurrencies manage to gain a strong enough foothold to compete with fiat on a global level?

The answer is yes, and some even believe that it will move to replace fiat as soon as 2030.

Thomas Frey, a former IBM engineer of 15 years and currently a futurist and author, says that cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere.

“Cryptocurrency is very much here to stay … cryptocurrencies are going to displace roughly 25% of national currencies by 2030. They’re just much more efficient, the way they run,” he said at a recent event. He anticipates that crypto will only grow as it becomes more stable and evolves.

His thoughts are supported by Dr. James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures, who said that those who make smart decisions early enough will be rewarded very profitably. According to Canton, he feels that the world is witnessing the legitimization of a new asset class—one that is emerging alongside fiat currency. He expects the cryptocurrency market to rise at an exponential rate, and will bring about a number of new cryptocurrency investment products.

Canton also commented on the necessity of not buying into the “FUD”—fear, uncertainty and doubt—that cryptocurrencies are part of a bubble that is going to burst. Just as with any investment cycle, there will always be difficulties.

“I see crypto investments similarly to how I see traditional investments in stocks and bonds, which go through cycles … there is more volatility in cryptocurrencies, [but] it’s a worthy area for people to experiment with their investment portfolios really carefully,” he said.

More and more businesses are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies. A recent study led by researchers at the Neustar International Security Council revealed that 80% of businesses are interested in implementing support for transactions with many of the top digital currencies. The additional benefit to business owners is the possible return they could make as cryptocurrency values continue to rise. The payment of five legacy Bitcoin (BTC) today, for example, could result in its value being eight BTC tomorrow.

The World Gold Council and Bank of America have both already expressed their concern that cryptocurrencies will undermine their operations. Even Christine Lagarde, managing director for the International Monetary Fund, has said that cryptocurrencies could replace central banks in the future.  It may take a little time, and some market massaging, but there’s no doubt that cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future.

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