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Blockchain Innovation Program launches to promote Bitcoin development

As Bitcoin adoption both as a data ledger and a currency soars, Bitcoin developers are in high demand, and the Bitcoin Association for BSV’s latest course is seeking to equip developers with skills that will give them a leg up in the market.

Titled “Blockchain Innovation Program,” the 10-week course caters to all Bitcoin enthusiasts, specifically developers looking to upskill.

“While the course is open to everyone, a basic understanding of coding is helpful as users will be working with Golang and JavaScript throughout the program. Students are also expected to have a basic understanding of Bitcoin theory,” the Bitcoin Association’s Project Manager of Technical Programs Julie Gaudreau explains.

The new course comprises the three primitive courses currently offered by the BSV Academy—hash functionsMerkle trees, and digital signatures.

It offers a great opportunity for developers who want to get into the lucrative Bitcoin industry, Patrick Prinz, the Association’s Managing Director, says. In 2021, blockchain jobs surged by 400, 4x higher than in AI, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies. Blockchain developers also tend to earn much more than their counterparts in other areas.

“The program encourages entrepreneurship who will, in turn, need developers, so it is helping it grow exponentially and nurturing enterprise at the same time,” Prinz commented.

The Blockchain Innovation Program is available to any partner interested in adding it to their education suite. CapitalSavvy, a Ugandan VC firm, has already integrated the course into its toolset and is allowing developers to gain skills that will open up new opportunities in the Bitcoin world.

The BSV Academy continues to be the premier online education platform for the blockchain industry, offering university-style, academia-quality courses for developers at any stage in their careers. It offers the courses under three streams—TheoryDevelopment, and Infrastructure.

In July, the Academy joined hands with the 31-million-member Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) to launch the Certificate for Preliminary Qualification of Blockchain Engineers. Those who complete the course and pass the exam are awarded a certificate that is verifiable on the CSDN website.

Learn more about the Blockchain Innovation Program here:

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