Maria Francesca Del Rosario, the Undersecretary of the Department of Budget and Management

Blockchain as a service and platform: nChain VIP Club private event

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The Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW22) was well-attended by many influential organizations, and one of the companies that contributed to part of the success of the week-long event was the global blockchain technology company, nChain.

nChain hosted its VIP Club private event during the PBW22, which saw attendees from various sectors in the digital currency and private space as well as the government. Among them were Maria Francesca Del Rosario, the Undersecretary of the Department of Budget and Management, and Janelle Barretto, lead convenor of the PBW22.

The duo talked about emerging blockchain technology and how it should be implemented. They also shared their experiences during the private event. Del Rosario went on first, sharing with CoinGeek Backstage why blockchain is a close topic to her.

“I wrote an article on blockchain and how to resolve the refugee crisis. So, this time with the government, [I am] translating my advocacy to actual implementation. It’s good to hear colleagues from nChain to talk about how technology can provide efficient, transparent systems not just for the private sector, but also for the government,” Del Rosario said.

The undersecretary also noted how she’s serious about the data integrity platform, and the concept of data integrity as a service is relatively new to her as the concept of blockchain as a service.

“Right now [in the blockchain space], it’s really about platforms. Right now, it’s low-code, no code, plug-and-play, and those are the things that we were looking at in the government…[So] it’s really refreshing to see those guys talking about it,” she said.

Del Rosario also commended the efforts of nChain to help the Philippines bridge the gaps in services provided by the private sector and the government.

“I think we can provide a really, really good citizen engagement, citizen services for all. And way, way cheaper that’s transparent and efficient for all,” she said.

Also, in this episode, lead convenor and co-organizer of the PBW22, Janelle Barretto, commended how nChain has been supportive and expressed that she’s honored to have them as a partner during the event.

“It’s been amazing so far. We’ve had a lot of great feedback, of course—as a convenor and as an organizer—you have a lot of expectations for yourself. We set the standards very high. We have ambitions. And, of course, the reality is there are things that could always go wrong, but overall, I believe the proof is in the pudding. The feedback from the people who attend will tell you that they’ve had a great experience,” Baretto remarked.

“We have high hopes for the partnership, and hopefully, it will be sustainable,” she said, speaking about nChain.

More insights about blockchain tech, patents, and data-as-a-service were showcased over the night with experts and leaders in the space at the nChain VIP club private event.

Watch: nChain VIP Club Private Event highlights

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