Inaugural nChain VIP Club private event

Inaugural nChain VIP Club private event shines spotlight on the utility BSV blockchain

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Over the years, nChain has risen to become one of the world’s biggest players in the blockchain sector, and during the inaugural nChain VIP Club private event, attendees got to learn about the company’s enterprise blockchain solutions and how the Bitcoin SV blockchain can better their lives.

The private event was held in Manila, Philippines, during the Philippine Blockchain Week, an event in which nChain was a key partner. It brought together blockchain experts, movers, and shakers from the public and private sectors.

“I’ve created the nChain VIP Club, and the idea is to give a platform for the leaders in this country, in government and enterprise, to come together and network, talk to their peers, exchange ideas and also learn about the massive intellectual property portfolio that nChain can deliver as regards blockchain technology,” Nicholas King told CoinGeek.

King is the Country Director for the Philippines at nChain. He also serves as the BSV Blockchain Association Ambassador for the Philippines.

nChain has 2,800 registered patent applications, 500 of which have already been granted. This makes it one of the world’s “biggest blockchain patent holders,” King noted. The London-based company was named one of the world’s top 100 innovator companies last year by LexisNexis.

“I want these people to feel very special and part of the club where they can learn the value that nChain can bring to their blockchain projects. If they are talking to us and implementing the BSV blockchain, they can get the absolute best value out of their blockchain investment because they are talking to the organization with the biggest intellectual property knowledge about this,” King told CoinGeek’s Claire Celdran.

Hosting the inaugural event in the Philippines was befitting, given the country’s meteoric rise as a blockchain hub. Private enterprises have shown great enthusiasm for the technology, with the national and regional governments throwing their weights behind blockchain as well. This adoption is not contained in Manila, with the likes of Bataan kicking off blockchain pilots and supporting blockchain startups.

Making the Philippines a BSV blockchain hub

Aside from nChain blockchain experts, other stakeholders in the BSV ecosystem were also at the event. Evan Freeman, the Director of Education at the BSV Blockchain Association, spoke to the attendees about the value of the organization’s blockchain courses and his plan to make the courses accessible to Filipinos.

“[We have a] partnership with ecosystem enterprises from BSV and the Academy where students undergo intensive training on the intricacies of blockchain and Bitcoin,” he told CoinGeek.

He added that participants will also undergo an incubator-style program where they learn how to create a business using blockchain technology.

Attendees who spoke to CoinGeek marveled at how much the BSV ecosystem has grown and how much they learned during the event about blockchain technology.

Maria Francesca Del Rosario, the Undersecretary for the Department of Budget and Management, revealed she had learned a lot about “how blockchain can provide efficient and transparent systems, not just for the private sector but also for the government.”

At the event, she learned about new concepts within the blockchain that she had never heard of, such as data-integrity-as-a-service, she added.

Janelle Barretto, the convener of the Philippine Blockchain Week, hailed nChain’s participation at the event, telling CoinGeek, “I know that they will take the journey with us in the long term. We have high hopes for the partnership.”

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