Bittrex Global launches EUR trading pairs, including BSV

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Popular U.S. digital asset exchange Bittrex Global has announced it will open trading on a EUR-BSV pair starting at the end of March. The Bitcoin (BSV) pair is one of five the platform will offer to its users in Europe’s SEPA and beyond, opening BSV-fiat trading to a huge new market.

Customers’ EUR wallets on Bittrex will be open for deposits starting Monday, March 30 at 6 a.m. CET and the first EUR markets will be live for trading exactly 24 hours later.

At launch time, the EUR trading pairs will be BSV-EUR, USDT-EUR, BTC-EUR, ETH-EUR, and TRX-EUR. Notably, the list does not currently include BCH.

The move would “be very positive for the BSV community,” Bittrex said. At press time, it is still undecided whether to offer other EUR pairs, but that it would introduce “many more markets” over the next few weeks.

Bittrex already offers a USD-BSV trading pair, which it added on December 28, 2018. It also supports a number of trades between BSV and other digital assets.

SEPA, wire and card transfers

One the EUR wallets open, Bittrex will accept fiat transfers via SEPA (deposits credited three times daily) for those in participating countries. It will also accept SWIFT wire transfers from other approved banks (once per day), as well as deposits via credit and debit cards.

SEPA, or the Single Euro Payments Area, simplifies and speeds up Euro-denominated bank transfers. It is available in 36 countries including all EU member states, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. The U.K. is also included, pending outcomes from its Brexit withdrawal period.

Another sign the April 2019 ‘Delist BSV’ campaign was a failure

Bittrex has been one of the more popular platforms for Bitcoin BSV traders to date, maintaining its support in the face of a coordinated delisting campaign between a cartel of other exchanges almost a year ago.

Adding a second major fiat trading pair is yet another sign the effort to destroy Bitcoin BSV’s market value by Binance, Kraken and ShapeShift (plus two others) has been a failure. Though the campaign in April 2019 initially led to a sudden drop in BSV market value, it quickly recovered and surpassed its pre-delisting levels. BSV now has the sixth-highest market cap of any digital asset (and fourth-highest if XRP and USDT are excluded).

It marked the first time major exchanges had delisted a high-profile and high-value asset despite obvious customer demand for its support. As well as raising credible claims of market manipulation, it drove users to competing platforms who were happy to take their business.

About Bittrex Inc. and Bittrex Global

Bittrex, Inc. was founded in 2013 by a group of former Microsoft employees including Bill Shihara. This is the entity that handles U.S.-based customers.

Bittrex Global, a separate company, is headquartered in Liechtenstein, close to the center of Europe’s financial industry. It maintains a commitment to compliance with E.U. regulations regarding unlawful activity by both customers and digital asset developers, and is not open to U.S. customers.

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