Jack C. Liu - Will Bitcoin Finally Go Mainstream in 2021? - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 29

Bitstocks podcast: Michael Hudson quizzes Jack Liu on his Bitcoin views

In the latest episode of the Bitstocks podcast—and its first for 2021—founder and CEO Michael Hudson virtually sits down with Jack Liu, the chief executive of RelayX, FloatSV, CambrianSV, Streamanity, and Dimely.

In this episode, Hudson and Liu cover a range of topics and give their unique perspectives on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Both Hudson and Liu operate Bitcoin businesses and have been involved in the greater blockchain and digital currency ecosystem for many years. That being said, the insight that they provide as well as the viewpoint that they have of the blockchain and digital currency space are very much at the ground level since both Hudson and Liu operate consumer-facing businesses and have a strong understanding of the business side of an operation—something that is not exactly common in this primarily technology-driven space. 

During the episode, the two talk about what they think the current status of Bitcoin is, what needs to happen in the Bitcoin ecosystem for services and platforms to go to the next level, what needs to take place for the Bitcoin ecosystem to grow, why BSV was the only coin that ended 2020 with a lower value than it started the year with, why other coins and tokens rose in value during that same duration, the benefits of being inclusive to other technologies, what will or will not happen if it gets officially/publicly confirmed that Dr. Craig S. Wright is Satoshi, the problem with moving fast and breaking things in BSV, the problem with the attitude that many people in the Bitcoin ecosystem have toward newcomers, what Jack Liu is looking forward to in 2021, privacy, transparency, law, and regulation, which generation will really be able to take Bitcoin and run with it and why that is the case, as well as possible locations for the next Cambrian SV.

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