Bitstocks podcast with guest, Zach Resnick

Bitstocks podcast dives into ‘Investing in Bitcoin’ with Unbounded Capital’s Zach Resnick

Venture Capitalists are important players in emerging markets, but we don’t typically hear their perspectives when it comes to BSV—at least not until recently. In episode 50 of the Bitstocks podcast, Zach Resnick, founder and managing partner of Unbounded Capital, shared his insights on investing in Bitcoin with the audience and Bitstocks founder and host of the Bitstocks Podcast Michael Hudson.

Unbounded Capital is a venture capital firm with a focus on making investments within the BSV enterprise blockchain ecosystem. One of the first questions Hudson asks in this episode is how Unbounded Capital decided to shift its focus to BSV rather than the entire blockchain and digital currency ecosystem.

“So Dave Mullen-Muhr should really get a lot of the credit here when it comes to starting this rabbit hole for us,” said Resnick.

“But in short, it was attending the Bitcoin SV meet up in San Francisco and seeing the quality of entrepreneurs and developers that came to that and then kind of re-thinking some of our beliefs and misconceptions about how Bitcoin works and then that led to kind of a months-long deep dive in terms of how blockchain works and where we should be putting our time and capital. And we came out of this on the other side as Unbounded Capital, focusing on the BSV ecosystem, because we felt like as fiduciaries we couldn’t responsibly invest for the long term in any other crypto or blockchain network.”

Resnick and Hudson went on to talk about managing risk, the approach that Unbounded Capital takes as investors in the space, and some of the elements they look at when determining if Unbounded Capital will write a check for a company or not.

“We have three funds, while our main fund invests primarily in early-stage companies building on Bitcoin SV, our main fund does actually have exposure to BSV the asset and derivatives of the asset and a couple of other things on the liquid side of things,” said Resnick.

“But I think long term Unbounded is going to continue focusing on the venture capital way of investing and getting exposure to a blockchain that will, that I believe, that we both believe, is going to change the world for the positive.”

To learn more about Unbounded Capital’s vision and the approach they take when it comes to investing in the Bitcoin ecosystem as well as Resnick’s insight on managing risk, then you are going to want to watch the latest episode of the Bitstocks podcast, “Investing in Bitcoin: Building a Venture Capital (VC).

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