Bitping new feature enables faster testing of website status

UptimeSV was launched to provide monitoring services for web applications and services, utilizing the power and functionality of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain to make the process efficient and inexpensive. The company subsequently rebranded itself to Bitping to better reflect the nature of its business and has continued to gain a considerable amount of traction. 

By sharing the monitoring services with a pool of globally-placed nodes, instead of a central hub, real-time monitoring is more accurate, and website administrators can respond quickly to any issues. Bitping has now gone a step forward, introducing a new feature that makes testing websites even more efficient. Bitping Instant is now available for general use. 

The company described its news service, Bitping Instant, as “a simple way to test ping or load time of your website with a single swipe! No signup required.” The service is available at bitping.com/instant and, with just a few simple configurations, allows for any site to be tested for stability. 

Bitping co-founder and lead developer Dean Little participated in the CoinGeek London conference this past February and showed off how far the project has come. Since that conference, Bitping has completed (as of this writing) over 6.97 million tests, up by over 100,000 in just a day, according to the counter on the Bitping website, and the number keeps climbing.   

Bitping works by paying individuals—or nodes—to provide the monitoring services. These nodes are located across the globe, giving website administrators, and others, access to the power of the blockchain to monitor their website health. Currently, there are 282 active nodes around the world operating in 42 countries, with the U.S. having the lion’s share at 62.  

The nodes that are providing the monitoring service are paid in BSV for their efforts. They can either allow the payments to accrue in their account on Bitping or opt to be paid through a BSV wallet, such as HandCash, MoneyButton, or others.   

Bitping Instant seeks to provide an overview of a website’s status from various test points. The results give a general idea of the status, while more in-depth results can be ascertained by taking advantage of Bitping’s full complement of services, such as country filters, time scales, error histories, and more. When just a quick review is needed, though, using Bitping Instant will be more than enough. 

With downtime potentially causing companies to lose revenue, being able to access real-time monitoring 24/7 is a huge benefit. Bitping Instant improves the process, giving a quick view of what’s happening, no matter where the administrator is in the world. 

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