Bitping activates Bitcoin SV payouts

Bitping has activated payouts for monitoring node operators and has several new features on its dashboard.


For those who don’t know, Bitping is a distributed network intelligence platform powered by Bitcoin SV (BSV). Enterprise customers go to Bitping for monitoring services for their web apps and web services; instead of giving monitoring jobs to tech giants, Bitping gives these monitoring jobs to real users located around the globe and compensates them in real-time, in BSV, for providing monitoring services. And now, these users (monitoring node operators) can cash out to their BSV wallets.

6 new features

Including payouts to node-operators, Bitping has six new features available on its dashboard, let’s take a look.

Node payouts in BSV

Monitoring node operators can now receive BSV payouts to their Paymail, Handcash, Relay, and P2PKH wallets.

Node operators monitor websites for Bitping’s enterprise customers and are compensated for the work that they do. At the moment, node operators can run ping tests and load-time tests for enterprises. A ping test determines if a server and website are available and responding, and a load-time test determines how long it takes a website to fully load. The node operator is compensated in BSV for the work that they do, and now, node operators can withdraw their earnings.

Filter by country

Enterprise users can now specify the location they want their website monitored from. 

“The location filter lets you select where you want your website monitored from,” said Brent Beaver, a software engineer at Bitping.” Enterprises can leave the location blank and monitor globally, but if they want to monitor from China or Australia specifically, they can now do that.

In other words, if a business is looking for insight regarding how their website or web services are doing in certain regions of the world, they can now pinpoint countries they would like to receive data from.

Graph timescales

 Enterprises can now adjust their time logs to review the uptime of their website over the past 1, 6, 12, and 24-hour periods. 

Error history

Enterprises can now check their error history. This feature allows enterprises to take a look at a record that informs them of their recent website outages and the country where it was first reported.

Price estimates

Individuals can now estimate their earnings from running a monitoring node. The price estimate feature allows node operators to see how much they are expected to receive from running their node per day, month, and year.

Start/pause your node

And lastly, node operators can pause the monitoring services they are providing for enterprises, and then click start and resume their monitoring services whenever they are ready to monitor websites again.

 A crucial time to avoid outages

 At a time when companies are digitizing their day-to-day operations to combat the coronavirus, now more than ever, they need to make sure their web-based applications stay online. 

“In times of global uncertainty like this, it’s crucial that websites have the ability to target specific areas to identify outages and performance issues as they arise, especially as we are moving towards flexible working options [more people working from home],” said Dean Little, the co-founder and lead developer of Bitping.

YouTube video

Given the current events and the global pandemic that is COVID-19, companies around the globe will benefit from using Bitping. Websites and applications are seeing increased traffic because individuals are being confined to their homes by their local and federal governments to prevent the spread of the coronavirus—which means they are spending more time using the internet.

That being said, you can expect sites and apps to be under more stress from this traffic, and there is an increased probability of them going offline because of it. But when enterprises use Bitping, they can receive real-time data regarding their uptime as well as notifications if it does ever go offline, allowing them to fix their sites and apps ASAP. 

 If you are an enterprise looking for around the clock, distributed monitoring services that give you a real-time look at the ping and load-time of your web-based application, you can sign up for Bitping here.

If you are interested in running a Bitping node to earn passive income while monitoring enterprise web apps and services, you can download a BitPing node here

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