Bitcoin SV London meetup this Thursday to feature big names

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) meetups have become extremely popular, with new gatherings launching across the globe on a regular basis. They are a great opportunity for BSV enthusiasts – and even those just curious about the digital currency – to get together in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss what’s going on in the Bitcoin ecosystem. One of the most entrenched meetups is the London Bitcoin meetup, which is preparing for its next reunion this Thursday. This time, though, there are several key BSV figures that are going to attend.

According to a tweet by the Bitcoin Association, “Join the growing #BSV community this Thursday 5th Sep at the #LondonBitcoinMeetup with @bitcoinassn founding president @JimmyWinMedia and @nchainglobal CTO @shadders333. Free entry from 6pm at the @huckletree Shoreditch.”

The Bitcoin Association’s founding president is Jimmy Nguyen, who has been involved in BSV’s growth since the beginning. The organization was developed to provide a single point of reference for businesses, exchanges, developers, miners and more in the Bitcoin ecosystem in order to increase awareness and adoption of Bitcoin as the currency for Bitcoin commerce, or bCommerce. 

nChain’s chief technical officer (CTO) and technical director Steve Shadders is one of the most prolific developers in the blockchain community and has been working tirelessly to help ensure Bitcoin stays true to its goal of being the leading blockchain for business solutions. He recently commented on BSV’s Quasar upgrade and the advantages BSV has over other blockchains, explaining, “What we’re actually doing with the Quasar upgrade is demonstrating right now, that we can handle the future scale of whatever your business is. So you’ve got the confidence, not hoping that we’ll be able to pull it off some time in the future, we’re showing that it can be done right now.”

Quasar significantly raised the block-size cap for the BSV blockchain to two gigabytes. This was something that other blockchain projects, including Bitcoin Core (BTC) said was impossible and could never be sustained. BSV has not only achieved it, but it has sustained it for well over a month as several massive stress tests have been conducted against the network.

The London Bitcoin meetup will take place this Thursday from 6 PM to 10 PM local time. Huckletree Shoreditch is located in the Alphabeta building, an easy-to-reach location near Finsbury Square Garden and the Montcalm Royal London House. The event is a great lead-in to the upcoming CoinGeek Conference that is going to be held in Seoul, South Korea October 1-2. 

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