Money Button: Paymail is about creating Bitcoin adoption

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Paymail was one of the breakout innovations of the CoinGeek Toronto 2019 scaling conference, bringing a whole new leave of ease and usibility to Bitcoin transactions. CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero met up with Money Button UX Designer Maria Eugenia Lopez and Software Engineer Miguel Duarte to learn more about how easy it will be to spread this protocol.

The goals of Paymail were to make it easy to introduce new people to the world of Bitcoin, now championed by Bitcoin SV (BSV). Lopez explained the two ways it sets about that mission. “First because mass adoption means that everyone will understand the importance and benefits of blockchain and Bitcoin SV can provide to people,” she said. “And then because, to improve people’s lives and make it better. And Paymail is easy to understand. Actually it’s an email that support payments. So the information formats, it’s already consensus, and all of people have email, and we’re just adding an extra feature that is pretty cool that you can send payments through your emails.”

But will this new technology be easy to adopt by other businesses? Very easy, Duarte told us. “So Paymail is basically a protocol,” he said. “It’s a protocol based on DNS. And the really cool thing behind that is that every service can implement Paymail in the way they want. If they want to do identity on chain, they can do it. For example, we are buying and selling the names on Money Button, and that’s completely possible.”

Proving that point the two Money Button representatives had plenty of examples of other companies already getting on board. “Handcash already showed a really cool demo we’re launching on Friday. There’s Electrum [SV], that they already had support for Paymail,” Lopez noted. Duarte added that Centbee is also on board. “There are three other companies, and of course, nChain is giving support in their tools. So, they will develop pretty soon all their community. All the apps are going to be using it in some other way.”

YouTube video

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