Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 proves scalability is critical to Bitcoin developers

The inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon was a huge success, drawing thousands of participants over the two days from over 80 countries around the world. With a focus on building on the Bitcoin blockchain, the event proved that developers understand the potential of a massively scalable blockchain at a time when traders still seemingly solely care about pumps and dumps.

Hosted by Bitcoin Association, in partnership with nChain and WeAreDevelopers, the virtual event united the Bitcoin ecosystem, bringing together developers, startup founders and many other Bitcoin enthusiasts. It featured presentations from leading personalities including Liu Xiahoui, Brendan Lee, Ryan X. Charles, Rafa Jimenez and more. Dr. Craig Wright made an appearance too, starring in his fireside chat alongside Steve Shadders.

The event drew 3,450 participants from 82 countries. Despite being a developers’ conference, it drew a high number of participants who were just starting or had no prior experience in blockchain.

Europe had the highest number of participants, accounting for nearly half the number. The region has proven to be a blockchain hub, with countries such as Britain, Switzerland and Germany being home to several innovative Bitcoin startups. The United States was second at 21%, with Africa accounting for 18% of the participants.

The event proved that interest in building on Bitcoin is global, with every region being represented. Some of the regions that have previously been thought to be behind on blockchain, such as Africa, have shown great appetite in recent years.

Being the only blockchain network that scales massively, Bitcoin SV allows the developers to build applications that can rival centralized networks, and even perform better. BSV has already demonstrated the capability to process close to 1 million transactions in thirty minutes—which comes to about 600 transactions per second—without breaking a sweat.

Bitcoin Association Founding President, Jimmy Nguyen, said that the event’s success serves as proof that developers are aware of the massive potential in Bitcoin SV.

“With thousands of people from around the world tuning in to our first-ever Bitcoin SV DevCon, it’s never been more clear that businesses and developers alike are understanding the possibilities apparent with the Bitcoin SV blockchain and working to realize those opportunities,” he said.

“The diversity of the audience at Bitcoin SV DevCon, along with the levels of engagement and interaction we witnessed over the weekend, shows what a dedicated community is forming around the Bitcoin SV ecosystem – a factor that is certain to be crucial in the next wave of applications and services we see emerge on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.”  

To date, Bitcoin SV developers have continued to focus on building applications that can compete with the existing centralized services at a time when the digital currency industry has become crowded with traders who only care about making quick bucks. These traders don’t care about the technology and how it can revolutionize the world. This has created a market where worthless tokens, with no use other than pumping for profits, have become multi-billion dollar projects.

However, BSV is gradually changing this mindset, with the number of apps and their users on the network rising rapidly. The earn-and-use model has led to the aggressive growth of an ecosystem in which Bitcoin is used for transactions as Satoshi intended.

Having organized a successful inaugural DevCon, Bitcoin Association is now focusing on producing a Chinese-language version, Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: China. The virtual event will give Chinese developers the opportunity to learn more about how they can build on Bitcoin, the resources available and the opportunities they can exploit. The Association partnered with China’s largest software developer community, Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN), on the event which is due to take place in late August. 

The Bitcoin Associate and CSDN are also organizing lectures twice a week in the Chinese language for the developers, offering them all the resources they need to build on Bitcoin. The lectures are set to begin on July 28.

Watch Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 Day 1 here:

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Watch Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 Day 2 here:

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