Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: Craig Wright wants to make the world better with Bitcoin

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Since he was young, Dr. Craig Wright has been fascinated with coding. In his fireside chat at the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 virtual event, Dr. Wright talked about his passion for coding, why he has a very strong drive to make the world better, and the future of Bitcoin.

Dr. Wright’s fireside chats are among the events that everyone in the digital currency and blockchain industries awaits eagerly. The latest one didn’t disappoint, with Bitcoin’s creator delving into the technical side of Bitcoin while also sharing more about what drives him.

Dr. Wright started coding when he was a kid, creating games to fight boredom. His love for creating has led him to grow his skills over the years, ultimately culminating in the creation of Bitcoin. Discipline has been one of his core values, he told nChain CTO Steve Shadders.

Dr. Wright is also quite passionate about educating people, saying,

“If we want to get past this post-modern, deconstructionist, anti-life and nihilistic view of the world, then we have to have people who are involved and educated. I want to live in a world that’s better. That means people who are engaged in society, who are active and understand the issues affecting them.”

Dr. Wright also delved into the technical aspects of Bitcoin. On whether we should bring back substring opcodes, Satoshi believes that we may be past that as Bitcoin goes into application stage. Such changes would now affect third parties who are building on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Dr. Wright further revealed why he chose to use Forth language in developing Bitcoin.

“Forth is very small and efficient. It’s a language I’ve used a lot in my past. It’s very easy to write good code that you can find the errors and validate the results very quickly. […] If you screw up on Forth, it might work. If you screw up on Java, it might work, but every now and again, you get strange results.”

The Bitcoin creator has gone through trying times, both from within the Bitcoin world and beyond, but he says he is still proud about many things that his invention has introduced the world to. One of these is the accelerated pace of adoption in recent years. With the number of applications building on top of Bitcoin rising by the day, it’s only a matter of time before the world is running on Bitcoin, he concluded.

“The thing that makes me happy about Bitcoin is that people are finally starting to get it.”

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