Xiaohui Liu and Steve Shadders on BSV DevCon 2020

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: How to use sCrypt

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Xiaohui Liu, founder and CEO of sCrypt, took the virtual stage at the recently held Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 to teach the audience how to create Bitcoin smart contracts. sCrypt is a company in the Bitcoin ecosystem offering integrated smart contract solutions; during his presentation, Liu showed the audience how sCrypt works, how they can get started, and demonstrated how to write a bit of syntax via sCrypt.

“Usually, when people think of Bitcoin (BSV), they don’t usually regard it as some kind of platform that you can develop apps or contracts on, they usually only think of it as pure money transfer. So today, I am going to show you that beyond the money transfer aspect, that you can actually develop a lot of arbitrary contracts on top of BSV,” said Liu.

How to get started on sCrypt

To get sCrypt up and running, you will need to use VS Code’s extension market; you can find sCrypt in the extension market by searching “sCrypt”, and can download it by clicking “install.” 

“sCrypt is the equivalent to script, the only thing is, it builds on top of it, it builds a wrapper so that you don’t have to deal with assembly level, low level, esoteric language,” said Liu. “The whole point of sCrypt is to make developing smart contracts on BSV as easy as if you were writing Javascript code.”

If you are interested in using sCrypt and are new to software development, there are many resources that you will find helpful in your development journey. For instance, the Bitcoin wiki is a great place to start learning the fundamentals of Bitcoin development; and Bitcoin Association is currently developing a full curriculum that will help you when it comes to Bitcoin development, so look out for that later this year.

You should also join the various Slack and Telegram channels that are full of Bitcoin engineers and community members that are eager to help others learn and develop on Bitcoin, like the sCrypt telegram channel.

And we recommend heading over to the sCrypt website for the full documentation and overview of sCrypt.

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