Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: How to use Planaria’s TXT tool

YouTube video

Planaria’s Glenn Wolfe gave a presentation on TXT at the recently held Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, providing the audience an overview of Planaria’s suite of tools, what they do, and when you might want to use each tool, with an emphasis on Planaria’s TXT tool.

Many people believe that the tools created by Unwriter and Planaria—for example, the three tools that Wolfe calls “the Grid”—are some of the most crucial resources available in the Bitcoin community. The grid is Planaria’s stable and scalable form of APIs that they are going to support into the future as Bitcoin grows. The Grid is composed of Bitbus, Bitsocket, and bitFS; Bitsocket for listening and filtering in real-time, Bitbus for querying, and bitFS for large data.

Wolfe gives a summary and demonstration of those tools in his presentation, so if you are a software developer or looking to begin building on Bitcoin, you may want to watch “Introduction to TXT” to get up to speed.

What is Planaria’s TXT?

TXT makes storing, organizing, and finding transaction-based information on the Metanet easier—it’s a “semantic Bitcoin storage,” if you will.

“TXT is a database management system that is tightly coupled with Bitcoin,” said Wolfe. “TXT makes it simple to get started building P2P Bitcoin transactional databases…A lot of that power lies in the end game here, SQLite DB as a file, this means that the database is generated by TXT, and in the spirit of peer-to-peer, are literally files, so they are portable, I can email them as an attachment or literally just send them back and forth, this is where the power of TXT lies.”

Afterward, Wolfe gave a demonstration that showed TXT in action, and how TXT works in concert with other tools in the Planaria suite. 

If you are a Bitcoin developer or prospective Bitcoin developer, watch Glenn Wolfe’s full presentation on TXT.

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