Bitcoin Association Wallet Workshop wrap-up

Bitcoin Association Wallet Workshop wrap-up

The first Bitcoin Association Wallet Workshop, hosted by nChain and sponsored by CoinGeek, took place in London the week of February 18th and it was an undeniable success. The purpose of this event was to gather relevant parties in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) space to collaborate, share ideas, solve problems and pave the way for further development in BSV wallet solutions.  

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“This is one of the great advantages of Bitcoin SV, we’re all on agreement on the base protocol. The base protocol is set in stone. This is extremely valuable to businesses like everybody here at this event, so we’re able to actually think about things that are at the layer above. Its how do we apply this protocol to solve problems that are all in our mutual interests,” shared Ryan X. Charles of Money Button, a key participant in the workshop.

“We’ve been extremely productive, basically coming up with standard after standard after standard of ways to collaborate,” he said.

“We’re working on all sorts of things, identity systems, probably the most interesting thing is actually just an improved version of BIP70 for people who are familiar with that. Its basically just a way to allow all of the different wallets to interact with one and other in a way that’s just going to make the user experience better for everybody,” Charles added.

The energy was buzzing throughout the workshop’s five days and the outstanding teamwork allowed for significant milestones to be achieved in a short period of time.

“Because we’ve got probably a majority of the wallet ecosystem here and everybody on board with this idea and they are all very keen to get back and start implementing, that’s going to create a huge amount of momentum within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and its probably one of the biggest achievements I think that we’ve seen so far in Bitcoin SV’s history,” revealed nChain’s Technical Developer Steve Shadders.

What unites the BSV community in a unique way is that everyone working within it shares the same ultimate vision—for Bitcoin SV to massively scale and become the world’s new money and enterprise blockchain. Now that everyone is on the same page, “think tank” style events such as the Bitcoin Association Wallet Workshop are an integral part in achieving the ultimate BSV goal.

“It seems like we all focused on putting products out there, things that could actually be useful to people, so just getting solutions in the hands of end users is what’s important to most of the people here and to that end having that same goal, that same vision is really helpful to just move things in the same direction,” shared Jeppe Madsen of Coinify.

“From this meeting I’ve been able to come up with some ideas that are really going to improve how Centbee works and make sure that it really does become the world’s favorite wallet,” added Lorien Gamaroff of Centbee.

“I think historically when it comes to these sort of discussions, a lot of people always have antagonistic views and they always bring them up,” he said.

“But what was quite distinctive about this gathering was that we were all very eager to work together and come up with solutions. And also understanding that we are an ecosystem and we need to be able to work together and collaborate and find ways that we can actually grow that ecosystem so that we can, in fact, have successful businesses,” Gamaroff added.

Looking back how much was accomplished during just one short week, nChain has already decided to increase the number of workshops on the calendar in an effort to push the BSV industry forward as quickly as possible.

“I was initially planning on this event maybe being a once or twice a year event and in the course of the last few days I’ve upgraded that to four times a year. I’ve already been in touch with the sponsors of this event and made that suggestion and they’re 100% on board with it as well,” Shadders revealed.

“We’ve made so much progress in this week just by having everybody in one room, next time maybe we’ll cast the net wider and have more people participating, but yes, I want to see more of this progress because it helps Bitcoin SV move forward in leaps and bounds,” he confirmed.

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