BSV ready to breakout after Coinify adoption

Bitcoin SV ready to breakout after Coinify adoption

As it becomes easier to use and obtain Bitcoin SV (BSV), adoption is naturally increasing. Since cryptocurrency payment gateway Coinify added BSV to their platform, pressure is now starting to build and the crypto is reaching a boiling point.

Coinify added BSV to their platform on January 21, indicating at the time that it worked towards their goal to be the most comprehensive offering of crypto payment options for merchants and customers. bComm Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen hailed the decision as a huge step forward for BSV, and that it would open the doors to offering BSV solutions to online merchants.

Now that it is so much easier to find BSV solutions, crypto analysts are starting to see the bulls coming for BSV. AMBCrypto reports this week that money has been flooding into BSV recently, but the token price hasn’t responded yet in the way they would expect. All of their market indicators point to a bull rally just around the corner.

Their analyst concludes:

“Short-term indicators show a bullish rally for the coin. In the long-term, however, the coin has been going through a stable patch with the recent signs indicating an upswing for the coin. If the market does turn in the favor of Bitcoin SV, as surrounding coins see a market correction, BSV could well move back into the top-10.”

It also helps that BSV is generally easier to get now. Exodus also added support for BSV this month, after which we’ve seen added adoption of the real Bitcoin, driving prices higher.

These are all signs that the BSV strategy is working. Now that Bitcoin has been reborn as BSV, it has a stable protocol, and businesses are recognizing it as the crypto to work with, and watch out for. The strategy of massively scaling on-chain is bringing in serious applications, and allowing for businesses to work on things that were never before possible.

The down market might be keeping all cryptos down in the dumps, but as AMBCrypto recognizes, BSV is the one currency that is primed to break out and show that it’s not just another altcoin; it’s the only real Bitcoin.

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